The Birthday Cometh

August Bank Holiday means one thing in this family – the firstborn’s birthday. Rather selfishly, he hasn’t given any thought to my blog and has decided on an outing with friends, followed by a Happy Meal. How can I put that on Pinterest? He’s been looking forward to his birthday since Boxing Day and I’m really looking forward to make a big fuss of him, I’ve got a canister of helium and half a dozen blown out eggs waiting to be stuffed with tissue paper (don’t ask…). I can’t believe he’s going to be SIX this weekend! We’re almost in big kid territory.

I decided that I would start a weekly photo project of this year, starting with his birthday on Sunday and will do the same with Sunshine when her birthday rolls around. I’m excited to see what this year brings for him. My beautiful boy.


  • rebs manson - 6! The boys are getting big…..jake was 6 in july too, dont worry he reliably informed me that 6 is not too big for a cuddle (followed by the loveliest cuddle).
    Happy birthday bevan and well done to your rents for getting you this far ie not leaving you at the shops or something daft like that! (Im kidding you excel at parenthood)

    Hopefully see you sunday

  • Katie @mummydaddyme - What a nice idea for a project! And I hope he has a great birthday. xReplyCancel

  • Hayley - @Rebs, I think now I’m over halfway to 10 I can relax a bit. Surely it’ll all take care of itself now, I’ve done all the hard work….no?

    @Katie, thank you! He had a wonderful time!ReplyCancel

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