Summer summer summertime…

Who doesn’t love a Fresh Prince reference? Amirite?

A few weeks ago, I mentioned how excited I was for the summer holidays to begin….I was kind of lying a little…I adore the kids, obviously, but I was also a bit scared about spending so much time with them both and keeping them entertained! The lazy girl in me loves not having the usual morning chaos and sleeping in a little, even though that means later bed times, which I do not love. Patient and nice Mummy clocks off at 7pm and then OMFG-would-you-just-get-to-bed-now-so-I-can-eat-a-Magnum-without-you-seeing-and-watch-Netflix Mummy takes over. Mummy doesn’t share food. Or drinks. We were on a two hour car journey last week and it was sweltering, I was so hot but the little darlings had back washed into both the bottles of water I’d brought and I just couldn’t bring myself to drink it, I’d rather be dehydrated. Anyway,  I digress…

We’re just over halfway through now and I still have a fair amount of stuff planned and a birthday too –  Eeek! I reckon I can get a few days entertainment out of that? And I need to do uniform shopping and all that malarkey so there’s another day taken care of! I’m (mostly) kidding. They’ve only watched Frozen about 615 times so I’m looking forward to seeing that a few more times before school starts.

This is what we’ve been up to so far, lots of picnics, day trips, hanging out with friends and family. It’s been lovely. One of my blogging BFF’s, Lauren, came to stay for a few days with her boys. We had a blast and we were looking after the school chickens that week so that and a trip to the pick your own meant learning more about food and where it comes from. Pick your own is sooooo addictive. I don’t even like beetroot but ended up buying some anyway just because!

By the way, this is the most photos I’ve ever posted, ever. Sorry.




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