Skylanders Swap Force {Review}

My 21st Century child’s current ambition, is to be a YouTuber. Yes, really. He loves to watch people talking about things that interest him (a LOT of Minecraft…) and people reviewing things they’ve built. He has been begging to make a video but we just hadn’t managed to get round to it and he didn’t know what he wanted to talk about, so when I was asked if he’d like to review some Skylanders goodies, I thought “Perfect!”. Like every other 6 year old we know, he loves Skylanders. He excitedly counted down the days until they launched Swap Force and it was the only think he really wanted for Christmas and spent all of Christmas morning playing it (in Swap Force PJs, obviously). If you don’t know any 6 year olds, you might not be familiar with Skylanders. It’s a console game which features various Skylanders characters (you can purchase more figures fairly inexpensively so they’re very good “tidy your room” motivators). You put them on a “portal of power” in order for them to join the game and they all have different powers, like air, fire, water, earth & magic so you switch the characters throughout the game to complete the tasks. Not that I’ve been allowed to play, of course. (You can check out the Skylanders guide for parents HERE

We were sent a Puffin book – Skylanders Universe: Complete Collection and a Skylanders Swap Force Mega Bloks jet boat to build.

The book is made up of facts about all the Skylanders with lots of really colourful pictures, rather than it being a bedtime story. Our little reviewer said it was “Awesome” because “It has loads of Skylanders in, all my favourite ones and hasn’t got big words and too much reading”. He was excited to look up the Skylanders he already has and read about ones he’s interested in an was able to read most of what was written independently.


Now the jet boat…. this took 3 days to build but he really enjoyed building it. Parts of it were a little bit fiddly for little hands and required a bit of concentrating, so they were left to me!

Coming together




I made the mistake of calling this a Skylanders man and he rolled his eyes so hard and said “It’s not a man, Mum, it’s a greeble… “. That told me.

This is what he thought of the Mega Bloks Sharp Finn jet boat (and yay! his first vlog!)


We were sent the Skylanders Swap Force Mega Bloks jet boat and the Skylanders Universe: Complete Collection for the purposes of this review. Thank you so much! The promise of goodies at the weekend also meant he was good as gold all week so thanks for that, too!


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