Wow, has this week flown or what? I had such plans for this week and was hoping to get everything on my to-do list ticked off while the kids were at school and pre-school but turns out I am a little bit over optimistic on the time front! I think that stuff will take me 10 minutes and it ends up being an hour…story of my life…

We’ve got a nice quiet weekend planned, there’s a few fun things happening in and around our village over the weekend that we’re going to check out and I’m off shooting a couple of family sessions too which I love. The last couple of afternoons have had the prettiest light (geek).

If you take part in the Living Arrows project, you may have spotted a couple of new faces in the line up…I was chatting to people when we met up in the summer holidays and decided that I really wanted to feature some new faces so the line up will change each month. Donna is one of the mums taking part this month so I’ve asked her to share a few favourite photos and talk photography.

How would you describe your style and what advice can you offer on finding your personal style or aesthetic?

I think I am still finding my own style really so don’t have a consistent style when I take photographs but I am always trying to learn more about photography and the kind of pictures I like to take so the best advice I can give is to learn what photos you like from other people and adapt it to suit the way shoot.

What subjects interest you the most? 

The children mainly. Or kids in general. I love watching children play, watching how they use their imaginations and the huge range of facial expressions they have.


What’s your favourite season for taking photos and why?

I love spring. Taking photos in winter is harder as there’s less natural light and the days are shorter so the longer days of spring and the days being generally brighter is such a gift after the winter months and something I really appreciate.

When it comes to taking photos, do you have more of a staged set-up or to be spontaneous?

I don’t really ever stage photos unless I’m trying to take a photo of all four of us. The most I’ll ever do is move clutter out of a shot if we’re at home or get the children to play somewhere with better light. Out and about I’ll occasionally get them to sit somewhere that looks pretty but other than that all my photos are spontaneous.


If you could only use one lens forever, what would you choose?

I only have 2 lenses, my kit lens and a 50mm. For me, the 50mm gives that loves background blur that I love but my camera body isn’t good enough to really do it justice as you have to stand quite far back to take the photos. When I upgrade my camera I’m sure the ‘nifty fifty’ will be the lens for me but until then I stick with the kit lens in most situations and work with it the best I can.


What do you use for editing and what do you like about it?

I think with this I am definitely in the minority. I don’t edit photos really. I crop them if needed but apart from that I don’t do anything else. I’ve always believed in the honesty of unedited photos and I like the photos I take to be a clear reflection of the moments I have captured so I keep them as they are, straight from the camera.

Is there anything you struggle with photography wise?

I forget to change perspective sometimes. You can get such different photos by getting down lower, standing on something or changing the angle and I often just forget to move!

Do you have any bad photography habits?

I’m not sure what would be classed as a bad habit. I still don’t shoot fully in manual and a times I take a hundred photos just for one that I’ll use. I also never keep my camera in a camera bag, forget to put the lens cap back on and generally should look after it better!


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