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One thing that I really love about Living Arrows (aside from the project itself!) is that it gives me the chance to discover new blogs and chat to new people and one of those is Donna from What The Redhead Said (formerly Redhead Babyled). Donna is mum to 3 year old Little Pickle and Little Man, who just turned 2. She works part time for a high street bank and spends the rest of the time juggling family life, a shift working husband and her blog. And she loves Maltesers, gin & tonic and pedicures, just incase you were wondering. We realised when were chatting one evening that we weren’t actually that far from one another and our daughters are only a few months apart, so we decided to get together one sunny Tuesday. My previously shy poppet has really come out of her shell the last couple of months and within a couple of minutes the girls were the best of friends, swapping dressing up stuff and admiring each other’s shoes!

playdates redhead-001playdates redhead-002playdates redhead-003playdates redhead-005Meet Donna!

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What’s a typical day like for you?  

No day is typical for me – every day is different. Because Hubby works shifts and I work around his shifts some days I’m at work 9-5 and other days I’m at home with the kids, doing the school run, LP’s swimming lesson and housework. I work every Saturday too but Sundays I can generally be found at home baking, playing with the kids and catching up. We do squeeze in some family time where we can too.

playdates redhead-007playdates redhead-010What’s the best parenting advice you’ve been given?

I think the best advice was to trust my instinct and follow the baby’s lead. From the day LP was born we were very much baby-led and tried to feed her when she was hungry, let her sleep when she was tired and we really just rolled with it. We did the same with weaning, sleeping through the night and pretty much everything else – all babies get to the same point in the end eventually and we found it easiest to just go with the flow and see what happened so trusting my instincts has worked pretty well.

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What inspired you to start your blog and what do you blog about?
I started blogging when LP started weaning and documented her weaning journey on my old blog ‘Redhead Babyled’. The blog has evolved so much over the last three years and now I blog very much about our family life but under a new titles ‘What the Redhead said’, a space that can grow with my family and I.

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How has having kids changed you?
I think since having children I am more content with my appearance and less hung up on the physical things – my body has done an amazing thing in giving me two beautiful children and after 20+ years of criticising myself I think it’s about time I gave my body a break. Apart from that I think I am more laid back, more organised and better prepared for anything since having children – they keep you on your toes!

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Both your babies were born at home. What was that like?
Amazing. I had always planned to have home births and having LP at home and being alone as a family unit an hour afterwards was a surreal experience. Little Man was born in the birth pool at home but we had to transfer to hospital soon after as he was having breathing problems but I’m glad I got to experience the hospital side of things too – although I was glad to get home three days later!

playdates redhead-026What are your hopes for the kids?

As corny as it may sound I just want them to grow up happy and healthy, going wherever life takes them. I hope they find someone to share life with, have families of their own and live life as fully as they can until they are old and content.playdates redhead-027What has surprised you most about having kids?

The amount you can love someone. Every single day since having LP has been a rollercoaster of emotions, pure absolute love for that tiny ginger bundle of squishyness that has grown into such huge pride in everything she learns, everything she does and everything she is. It’s an honour to be her parent and the same goes for Little Man. When you’re pregnant with your second child you always ask yourself whether you’ll have enough love for two and whether you’ll ever be able to love another as much as you love your first. You do, it happens. You don’t love the first one less, you just have another to love equally – and that love is the best thing about being a parent.


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  • Maria (One Tiny Leap) - Aw, great post! Stunning photos, and just how sweet are your two girls all dressed-up? I remember following your blog when it was in its earlier stages Donna, and think it’s great how you’ve developed it to grow with you and your family. xxReplyCancel

  • Hayley @hayleyfromhome - Lovely post, the photos are so beautiful and they all look so alike. Love that your two little ladies got on so well and sounds like you had a fun day! xxReplyCancel

  • Katie @mummydaddyme - Wow Hayley these photos are beautiful, I bet Donna is thrilled with them. Sounds like a lovely day. xReplyCancel

  • Emma Shilton - These are absolutely beautiful photographs. How wonderful that your little ones met up and played lovely together xReplyCancel

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