Huge excitement yesterday when we explained to The Urchin what this “New Ear Eve” business was all about. In his 5 year old mind, it was pretty great. We’ll take a nap, stay up until TOMORROW and then you’ll get a birthday! (We didn’t actually say that but that’s what he heard) He was a bit put out when he realised he had to wait until August for said birthday because he really wants to be six. His friend Thomas is already six. It’s like, bigger than five.



My geeks. I heart them

newyear-001Someone’s got Grandma wrapped around their podgy little finger…



newyear-004Don’t ask…

After enjoying several performances of The Urchin’s NYE circus inspired glowstick show and then drinking more than I have in about two years, I went to bed, the floor spinning. Oy. I was pleased it was sunny today so I could wear sunglasses and not look like a tool for doing so. It was really nice to get some fresh air, to wear some proper clothes (skinny jeans – the irony!) after a week of slippers and cosy loungewear. Don’t be fooled by the beach backdrop. It was bloody freezing. We managed 20 minutes before we dashed back to Grandma’s for hot chocolate and another turkey dinner.


newyear-009Love her bedhead




newyear-014Even the pooch is like “FML, I’m cold and bored, here!



How was the first day of 2013 for you?


I turned my computer on last night for the first time in over a week. This Christmas has well and truly been about relaxing and spending time with the nearest and dearest (aswell as eating my bodyweight in ham). I packed 3 pairs of PJs, a bag of truffles and a couple of chocolate oranges to take to the inlaws and only remembered to pack a party dress at the last minute.  That’s how we’re rolling this Christmas (and I will be literally rolling by the end of the week. I’m actually craving fresh fruit and salad). I’m looking forward to starting a new year, writing lists, making plans, playing geek with my new Lomo camera and flash filters… I’m excited to see what 2013 has in store for us. Until then, a snippet of our Christmas for your viewing pleasure.

xmas-014Putting out the key for Father Christmas (we haven’t got a chimney but it’s on my list of requirements for our next house. True story)



Sister made this face a lot on Christmas Eve


xmas-007Playing everyone’s favourite yuletide game, “Chuck The Slipper”

xmas-006Refusing to participate for photos of matching Christmas PJs







xmas-012The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

xmas-013An hour into the 2 day Lego build…

Trying to watch Doctor Who with little hummingbird baby. The Urchin was not impressed.xmasblog-002

Happy New Year!





…slowly getting there. I’m at that in-between point where you’re nearly ready but not quite. Organised chaos, if you will. The presents have nearly all been bought (and in the case of the gifts I accidentally ate, re-bought) and I’ve bought wrapping paper… In an attempt to be organised, I have chosen individual wrapping paper for the smalls – superheroes and vintage roses (Sister just loves vintage roses. Seriously. She can’t get enough of them). Cards have been written…some of them posted. This is the amateur display of Photoshop landing on the doormats of our nearest and dearest


My Mother-In-Law sounded relieved when she realised I didn’t actually tie a baby to a Christmas tree! I found it hilarious that she wouldn’t be surprised if I did. Of course I wouldn’t! That tree is pretty flimsy and she’s heavier than she looks.


Odd day at school, aka “I let him dress himself, as usual”


Off to the disco. Constant photographing since birth has turned this boy into such a poser!


Looking forward to kicking off the holidays by spending the weekend with friends and celebrating. At some point I’ll watch Santa Claus The Movie, one of my top 3 Christmas films (Elf and It’s a Wonderful Life, thanks for asking).

Happy weekend!


It’s a Christmas tree cupcake. Obviously.