baby photography, childrenThe pigtail novelty hasn’t worn off yet

I’m so glad it’s the weekend! It’s always nice to have a couple of days off from being “The Nastiest Mummy That Ever Lived, Ever” and not spend 10 minutes of my morning telling someone to get their shoes on. The other nice thing is that Beloved is home with us for a couple of days (to be honest, I think that’s enough for him!). He had a birthday this week – I won’t embarrass him by saying how old he is now, but it’s old enough that when you say it out loud, you say the second number in a higher voice. We went out by ourselves last Sunday to celebrate and spent an entire child-free afternoon together. I thought going out in the evening and leaving my parents in charge of two sleeping children was way too easy for them so we went out for lunch, then to a 3 o’clock showing of Les Miserables. We really don’t get the chance to spend as much time together as we’d like so going out for lunch and not spending an hour going “No, stop that, sit nicely please. Please use your fork. What’s wrong with it? It’s fine. Yes, you do like potato. It is not going to make you sick. It doesn’t smell funny. Please take that spoon out of your hair. Just eat that bit then. It’s fine, just leave it on your plate. It’s not hurting you. She’s not laughing at you. Careful with tha…let’s get a cloth. Sit down on your bottom” was a lovely change. I sometimes worry about when the kids have grown up and we’re on our own again…what will we even talk about? Despite what we said (ah, we were so naive) having children has changed us. Mostly for the better but sleep deprivation turns people into monsters. In the first few weeks of having our babies, we would argue over who was the most tired, “well, you went to bed 20 minutes before me and I was up before you!” (that was me) and I would watch him sleep, honestly, feeling a little bit of hatred. Look at him asleep. The bastard. I have even had moments where I am insanely jealous of his daily commute. The poor bloke rarely gets a seat on the train but who cares about that? He gets to be alone. Like, by himself. With a cappuccino and a paper.

In other news, Sunshine started walking this week (at 14 months and some odd days). Typically she waited until she was with the childminder before busting out this new skill. She spends 5 hours a week with her and she saved it up until then. Traitor. She’s been mobile for months and is pretty good at climbing (a bit too good) so I didn’t think walking would change anything. Oh. But it really has. This walking lark has opened up a whole new world of mischief. In addition to a call to NHS Direct after she ate something out of the bin (and I had to ‘fess up to a previous call when The Urchin was her age and ate a mouthful of washing powder. I felt their judgement through the phone), she has also managed smear her hair, a shoe, a jigsaw and a tiny patch of wall with Vaseline and she filled my boots with bits of Lego and rice cakes (that could have been my husband though). It’s going to be interesting, especially because she has a big brother to learn evil genius ways from. Look out!


Our week in pictures

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Playing in the last of the snow | Saturday afternoon family time…forgot about the whole snow sitch & scooter combo. Not impressed. | Just chillin’ on the recycling bin. As you do. | Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (check out my portion control there…) lovingly made with my own fair hands for Beloved’s upcoming birthday (recipe from The Hummingbird Bakery book)


I was never a fan of Girl’s World (It’s a decapitated, scary looking doll, why is this fun?) and until 14 months ago, was a boy mum so this “doing hair” thing is new to me. Our first attempt!

baby, baby hair, toddler hairstyle, pigtails, baby with pigtails, photography, cute baby, baby girl(We also tried “The Pebbles” but this was my favourite. And please excuse the food on face/dribble combo. She had to be bribed to stay still)

I plan on learning some funky hairstyles for her because I only had four options – down, ponytail, bunches, half-up half-down….I love my mum but she is shit at hair and she can’t plait (don’t argue Mum, you can’t).

Also, sorry to everyone who has seen this picture at least 5 times since I took it yesterday (your own fault for clicking though). I’m just a bit excited.