Oh, this boy.
kids in garden-004The next couple of weeks are going to be pretty bittersweet for me. In September my little one is off to school and it’s middle school time for my eldest. He’ll be making his own way there and back, has to wear a tie… actually be responsible…..which is a rather daunting prospect! I’m sure he’ll take to it like a duck to water, he has already eye-rolled at my concern because he *IS* nearly 9 so obviously knows everything… He is very excited and so am I, I know the extra responsibility will be great for him because I am absolutely guilty of babying them both something silly. It just feels like it’s all gone by rather quickly and I’m a little sad that it’s about to end. I love his school, it’s been a huge part of all our lives for the last 5 years and although I will still be doing that same school run every day, it won’t be with him. I’m sure I must sound crazy!  I just feel a bit taken aback that it’s all gone by so quickly.  When you are in that newborn haze school seems like a lifetime away and you can’t go into a shop without people telling you how quickly your squishy little baby will grow up and you smile politely because it feels like you haven’t slept in foreverrrr and likely never will again… And then suddenly, they’re proper people! Of course I love them as they are now, but it feels like it was only 5 minutes ago that they were little and I sometimes miss those little versions of them (and yes, I know that she’s only 4 and that’s still quite little but indulge me, please!).

*Took a break from blog writing at this point to have a little weep and run upstairs to sneak a look at my sleeping kiddos. What a stalker. Also made the husband agree that we could have another baby. Or get a puppy. He said yes to both  (I think I probably frightened him.)*

And my girly is starting at school too. Safe to say I will probably be wearing my biggest pair of sunglasses that morning and be a sobbing wreck as I wave them both off. She does a couple of days at preschool right now but not having her around all week is going to be so strange! I’ve loved our time together, as I did with her brother before that and I am sad that our one-on-one time is going to be cut. She really is my little best friend and I’m going to miss her so much! Sob!

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Living Arrows
  • Mim Jenkinson - Oh what absolutely gorgeous photos – you’re so talented! Beautiful models too of course 🙂 YAY to the baby and puppy ha!! x x #livingarrowsReplyCancel

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  • Rachel Phillips - E has her first morning in nursery tomorrow.. I too am going to be wearing large sunglasses.ReplyCancel

  • Donna - Ah all the crying! I know exactly how you feel. It’s going to be so weird not having T at home in September. H will have an awesome time ! xReplyCancel

  • Katy Flint - I don’t think I’ve fully realised what September will bring for us with G starting school. I think I am in denial! Enjoy the summer, hopefully we will have more sunny days for gorgeous photos like these xReplyCancel

  • Laura - What a beautiful post. I can’t believe how quickly they are growing up. You are fantastic at capturing their childhood xxReplyCancel

I wanted to share a few of my favourite photos from Nathan and Ruth’s engagement session at the Winterbourne Botanical Gardens at Birmingham University. Not only is it a beautiful backdrop but they both work at the uni too so being the hopeless romantic that I am, I absolutely loved that they chose to have their photos taken there. I really love doing an engagement session, it gives me the opportunity to get to know a couple better and most of us aren’t huge fans of having photos taken so it’s nice to warm up to the idea of having me and my big ol’ lens in your face for a day and get some photos taken in regular non-wedding clothes. I had such a great afternoon with these guys and I’m really excited for their wedding in August.

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Photographing kids is one of my favourite things. I’m sure that I must be crazy but I actually enjoy the chaos (when it’s other people’s offspring, anyway!) I love that kids are truly themselves in front of the camera and I love capturing special moments for parents. Each session is so different, you never know what’s going to happen. I try and have an idea in mind but with kids involved, it rarely goes to plan! We all love the “perfect” smiling happy photo of the kids but really, life with kids is not like that, although I seem to have picked some rather smiley and angelic ones for my six photos this month. And I had to include one of my son being daft because that’s just how he is!

kids june-002kids june-004Florence-052

dog-001kids june-001

Photo 07-10-2015 13 37 44

This month, I’m sending you over to Pamela Lewis Photography to see her six photos for June.

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  • Rachel Phillips - Awww love the birthday hat pictures, sooooo ridiculously cute.ReplyCancel

  • Lizzie firstooth - I’m so enjoying your blog lately. I’ve always enjoyed photography but I’m trying to take it to another level now and since popping over to you I’m just in awe of your skills and love all the little tips you give. You take such beautiful pictures and like you, photographing kids is my favourite too. It’s keeping them still that I don’t enjoy! xReplyCancel