We were excited to get snow this week after hoping we’d get some for the last month or so. We were just as excited as the kids were and they were ready nice and early so they could play in the snow and enjoy sledging to school (if you know me, you’ll know how amazing it was that these two were ready to go at 8.25am!)


I like to tease my husband and tell him he can’t be on my blog because he has Angry Resting Face but he really does! We also can’t start the day without a latte to get us going!

Bevan was really hoping we’d get some more this weekend so was quite disappointed when we didn’t! We spent the weekend mainly at home, catching up with various bits and pieces and the kids had their friends over to play. Quite boring but we are quite boring these days!

This week’s contributor is Katie who writes Mummy Daddy Me and she shared some snowy photos from this week over on her blog (I think every snap happy mum was thrilled that it snowed! We do love a photo opportunity). She shared the story behind her Living Arrows photo for week 5.

livingarrows15-5aWe were on a weekend away in Norfolk and were visiting the costal town of Southwold. It was freezing but the girls still wanted ice cream so we went to a little cafe attached to the pier. They were being really cute and sharing each other’s. I took the photo on my phone and edited it in Afterlight by turning up the saturation a little bit.

This is the second year of Living Arrows for you, what does the project mean to you?
The project means a lot to me- I love that it is just a simple portrayal of childhood and I love that I get to see what motherhood means to others.  It doesn’t just have to be portraits, it could be toys on the floor, or a photo without the children in it, and that’s what I love about it- it’s how you portray things. I love seeing all the images together each week.
What kind of subjects interest you the most?
Any subject centred around my children interests me- they are what I primarily photograph. I love black and white, emotional portraits, but I also like candid shots and ones where I am capturing them naturally rather than posed. I love getting close up portraits of their eyes because they both have gorgeous blue eyes that really shine on photos- but unfortunately they rarely sit still long enough for me to capture them anymore.
Do you plan your photos or have an idea in mind of what you want or do you take your camera out with you an see what you get?
I don’t really plan my photos.  I just take my camera out generally when go out on day trips or when are just hanging around the house and just see what I feel like photographing.  I also don’t take my DSLR out all the time anymore- I used to take it everywhere but now I prefer just to take it out at the weekends or if we are actually doing something.  But I am always snapping every day- even in the supermarket, the nursery run, the car, you name it.  I just do it on my iPhone.  I love iPhone photography as I sometimes think it is more natural and real than getting your big camera out as it instantly captures the moment- well it does in my house anyway.
What or who inspires you?
I have lots of things that inspire me – I have a blog list full of bloggers whose photography makes me smile in all different ways, including all the other Living Arrows Mamas.  I am really inspired by American photographers- there is just something about the light over there- it is just so much nicer than over here and I wish I could move there!  Instagram is my favourite place to get inspiration- there are just some incredible Mamas and photographers over there.  I love people like Xanthe- her account is so colourful and as I am a big colour fan, I could pour over her images for hours.  But there are just so many to mention, it is such a great community over there.

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