The past week has been all about birthdays and good food! We celebrated my Mother in Law’s birthday with a family dinner which I have to thank Karen from Lavender & Lovage for. I messaged the poor woman while she was on a train asking for help because I wasn’t sure what to cook! I knew I wanted to do lamb and she has a fab lamb recipe on her blog (see HERE) which was minimal effort really and so delicious. She suggested I serve it with dauphinoise potatoes, lemon butter cabbage and glazed carrots. It really was lovely, I’m so grateful for her help…would have been even better if she had come and cooked it for me and cleaned up after but you can’t have everything. Make sure you check out her lovely blog, there’s so much food inspiration!

It’s my turn to share a few details about my Living Arrows photo  and I’ve asked myself a few questions (I know….)

Hayley Living Arrows-004I wanted to try and take a silhouette shot of my little fairy in front of the window (didn’t happen) but it was first thing in the morning and she was full of beans and not really interested in having her photo taken. She was distracted for a second by a squirrel in the garden so I took a couple of photos while she was still! I used a Canon 6D with a 35mm lens and my settings were ISO 1250, f.2.0, 1/100. I edited in Photoshop Lightroom where I lightened the photo a little, cropped it a bit tighter and used a clarity brush on her fairy wings.

Hayley behind scenes-001
This is the second year of Living Arrows for you, what does the project mean to you?

I love having a record of the children’s early years and I love that throughout the year we share everything, from birthdays, milestones, big events, holidays to the quiet moments at home. I have really loved the feeling of community that I think the project has this year and I love that we have this group of mums supporting each other. I’ve really noticed that people are not only commenting on photos but sharing stories, highs and lows, giving advice. I think it’s lovely.

Did you learn anything last year from it?

I feel like I learnt a lot about photography and I loved all the inspiration! I think shooting every week really helped me improve and hone my style.

What kind of subjects interest you the most?

I love people. I have a lot of fun taking photos for other people but capturing my own family is really precious to me.
Do you plan your photos or have an idea in mind of what you want or do you take your camera out with you and see what you get?

Both. Sometimes we’re going out somewhere and I know that it’ll make a nice setting for some photos so I’ll take the camera along. My favourite photos seem to happen when I go with the flow and let the kids take the lead, like my Living Arrows this week!

What or who inspires you?

Everything, everywhere! I especially love film photography and follow some film labs on Instagram that share some wonderful photos. I love Linda McCartney’s work and Ryan Marshall. I was so inspired by his blog that I had to start my own!

Which posts did you enjoy this week?

http://www.justleesha.com/2015/01/36518-24.html – I love the happy vibe of her photos

http://bakingbetsy.com/2015/01/26/living-arrows-56/ – That bokeh! Love it!

http://www.mummymummymum.com/2015/01/26/skating-fun-living-arrows-452/ – It made me want to dig my roller boots out again (although it’s wayyy too chilly for me!)



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