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You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth


Amber | The Goblin Child

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Annie | Mammasaurus

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Donna | Crayons in my MiuMiu

Life According to MrsShilts - LA 28.9.2015

Emma | Life According to Mrs Shilts

Living Arrows 391

Hayley | Hayley from Home

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Hayley | Shutterflies

Kirsty | My Two Mums


Lauren | Real Housewife of Suffolk County

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Lately I really haven’t felt like a very good mother at all. Maybe it’s my appalling time management, maybe every mother feels like this, but it’s hard to keep the plates all spinning. I feel like I haven’t had enough time for anything and it’s meant I’m impatient and cross. The hours spent editing photos at my computer clearly addle my brain because I end up snapping at the kiddos and I feel guilty that I just haven’t been enjoying them recently. Sunshine wasn’t very well last week and my initial reaction was exasperation at everything I needed to do and my messed up plans. She just wanted me and it was a bit of a sobering moment. Yesterday I took her to see a friend’s pony, all our little girls are pony mad which is a source of entertainment to my friends that I am terrified of horses and she just can’t get enough of them, and I just enjoyed being with her and didn’t care about anything else for a while. I think I need to do more of that. And maybe actually start using the fancy planners I got?

Living Arrows

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  • Sarah - Oh those stable photos are just brilliant. I’m really allergic to horses (and a bit scared of them too) so I hope it’s not something my boys decide they want to get in to!ReplyCancel

    • Hayley - I hope she doesn’t want her own at some point! ReplyCancel

  • Kerri-Ann - Such a beautiful collection of photos, so bright and beautiful. Definitely autumn is in the air. I love the picture of your girl blowing the flower, look at those curls! #livingarrows xxReplyCancel

  • You Baby Me Mummy - Such wonderful photos. Yours are amazing! Thanks for hosting this awesome project. I love it 🙂 xReplyCancel

    • Hayley - Thank you. I love it too! So many little moments I might not have captured otherwise xReplyCancel

  • Jenny - Oh Hayley your photos are stunning, all around love this week’s captures and your little girl with the dandelions and is pure gold photography. I am devastated I didn’t call you first for our family photos it was a total mess and I am so scared to see them I bet none are good. She didn’t help at all with telling us where to stand or how to pose or what to do or where to look and it was awful. I had to basically do her job for her and I kept asking for tips or help she says whatever you want. I was so frustrated and sadly she looked so good online just shows you doesn’t it. I always love your photos. Next time I am calling YOU!! Thanks for hosting.ReplyCancel

    • Hayley - I’m sure they’re lovely, I think as parents we over-think it too much! I would love to photograph your beautiful family so definitely let me know when you next want photos xReplyCancel

  • Emma - Those dandelion photos are simply divine! Such a beauty!ReplyCancel

    • Hayley - Thank you. Obviously I think she is too! xReplyCancel

  • Emma Shilton - Thank you so much for featuring me this week, I am desperately trying to improve my photography skills as to do this blog project justice. I’m so envious of your skills.

    Have a great week #LivingArrowsReplyCancel

    • Hayley - Oh Emma, you already do! You capture some wonderful moments xReplyCancel

  • donna - Gorgeous pictures!! So love being involved… What’s taken me so long!!ReplyCancel

    • Hayley - I know, right? Get snapping those gorgeous kiddos! xReplyCancel

  • Hayley @hayleyfromhome - Love how the sun has made an appearance for the photos this week, so beautiful. Thank you so much for featuring me too. And, yes, I think every mother feels likes that…or at least I do. Sometimes it’s as if there is too much for my brain to take in when really all I should be doing is spending time with the boys. Lovely photos of her at the stables xxReplyCancel

    • Hayley - Ah, thanks for featuring! So hard sometimes isn’t it? I just want to do everything and do a good job of it all and it kills me that I can’t! xReplyCancel

  • Emma T - Love the dandelion clock photos. I think we all feel like that sometimes. A lot of the time the children don’t even notice but it doesn’t stop us feeling bad.

    Love Annie’s photo of her two ‘wild children’. Great that they’re just doing what they want and enjoying the best of their environment.ReplyCancel

    • Hayley - Emma, I think you’re right! I’m probably such a nag anyway that they didn’t notice any difference! Haha! I love Annie’s too, I love her black & white photos xReplyCancel

      • Emma T - Lol.

        I need to do more of mine in black and white I think. They always show the light and contrast so brilliantly. They work brilliantly in the woods which I wouldn’t have thought.ReplyCancel

  • Charlotte - Love, love, love your horsey photos this week Hayley, the ones with Sunshine and dandelions are beautiful. And no, you’re not a bad mother, we all feel like it sometimes though. I got cross with Arthur this morning because he had the audacity to want to sit on my lap while I edited photos and he liked to press the space bar. I mean, who would have thought a toddler would want to press some random buttons?!ReplyCancel

  • Catriona - Gorgeous photos, looks like such a great time was had. I can totally related to how you’ve been feeling. XxReplyCancel

  • Nikki Thomas - Oh I think we all have those ‘bad mum’ moments where all of those plates seem to spin out of control. I love your photos this week, your daughter is absolutely beautiful.ReplyCancel



    I think I just expired of the want.ReplyCancel

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