It’s beginning to look a lot like…




…slowly getting there. I’m at that in-between point where you’re nearly ready but not quite. Organised chaos, if you will. The presents have nearly all been bought (and in the case of the gifts I accidentally ate, re-bought) and I’ve bought wrapping paper… In an attempt to be organised, I have chosen individual wrapping paper for the smalls – superheroes and vintage roses (Sister just loves vintage roses. Seriously. She can’t get enough of them). Cards have been written…some of them posted. This is the amateur display of Photoshop landing on the doormats of our nearest and dearest


My Mother-In-Law sounded relieved when she realised I didn’t actually tie a baby to a Christmas tree! I found it hilarious that she wouldn’t be surprised if I did. Of course I wouldn’t! That tree is pretty flimsy and she’s heavier than she looks.


Odd day at school, aka “I let him dress himself, as usual”


Off to the disco. Constant photographing since birth has turned this boy into such a poser!


Looking forward to kicking off the holidays by spending the weekend with friends and celebrating. At some point I’ll watch Santa Claus The Movie, one of my top 3 Christmas films (Elf and It’s a Wonderful Life, thanks for asking).

Happy weekend!


It’s a Christmas tree cupcake. Obviously.


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