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The children were sent some gorgeous clothes recently from Their Nibs‘ Autumn/Winter collection. I’ve bought Little Dude clothes from them before, so I was thrilled that they’d asked my little darlings to roadtest some bits for them. Their catalogue is like a fashion magazine for the under 10 crowd and the clothes have a lovely vintage vibe to them. They sent the most perfect things for the two of them and they really fit with how I love to dress them. Sunshine already has a pretty wonderful wardrobe and I’m insanely jealous that they don’t make this dress in my size, it’s just beautiful! His dudeness was given a really cosy hoodie in a retro skateboard fabric which he thought was very cool! It’s lined so it’s thick enough for him to wear in place of a coat (apart from when he fell over paddling into the sea. FYI, it washes well – You know you’re a mum when you start saying things like that).

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The children were given the clothes for the purposes of this review. Thanks very much, Their Nibs! We love them.

  • Lauren - What a fab review.
    I love the way you’ve set up the photoshoot, looks like they had a lot of fun and the outfits are fab! I need a new hoodie for Charles so will definitely have a look there.
    Beautiful photos too, well done you xxReplyCancel

  • Hayley - Thank you, lovely! They were rather co-operative. You should take a look. B had the cutest coat from there xReplyCancel

  • Lucy - Lovely photos. And great clothes too. We had some bits to review from them too (some fab PJs which the little man has already reviewed, and a gorgeous skirt for the little lady) it’s all so gorgeous. xReplyCancel

  • WallyMummy - Reminds me of a teddy bears picnic down in the woods – so gorgeous! I love that little pink dress xx and your son is the spit of you! :)))ReplyCancel

  • Phoebe their nibs london - Hayley we absolutely love the shoot! Gorgeous!

    For those of you with little boys, we have some more super-warm vintage style knitted hoodies here:


  • Donna - Love this!! Gorgeous idea for a shoot & they look adorable, will absolutely be checking them out xxReplyCancel

  • sarah - oooh that dress is beautiful! i love it. might have to go and have a little shop meself 🙂 xx
    lovely shots hun, U loving that new baby of yours? xxReplyCancel

  • Hayley - Thank you @Lucy! They’re lovely aren’t they? So well made.

    @WallyMummy, you think so? I always think he’s more like my hubby with my hair. We took bears along too, had to be done!

    @Phoebe, thank you so much once again. You chose the most perfect things for my little monsters!

    @Donna, you should. They have some really fab prints!

    @Sarah, thanks. I am LOVING it. Little bit of an adjustment (everything is in a different place) but I think I’m up and running with it now. Can you see a difference?ReplyCancel

  • Shaily - The kids are sooOo cute and the dress they are wearing are so nice looking on themReplyCancel

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