Hello 2017!

Hello and Happy New Year! (It’s still the first week of January so totally counts)happy-new-year-002Like many people, I wasn’t sorry to see the back of 2016 and I’m excited to welcome a new year. I love the fresh start feeling that a new year brings even though I’m not really one for resolutions or “New year, new ME!”. I’m all for setting goals and challenges though and I’m excited to see what the year ahead brings. Last summer the children and I became members of a gym and for the first time EVER, I actually went more than twice (I know, right?). It’s something that has become part of our family routine and I think it’s a really positive thing that the children grow up seeing that exercise is a normal thing to do and that’s something I hope continues this year, especially now Simon has joined too (FOMO will get you every time). Don’t worry, I’m planning to be really obnoxious and keep you regularly updated on our fitness journey. You’re welcome. We have some really fun things planned this year and some wonderful trips including a holiday with my side of the family that has been in the works for the last couple of years which is probably one of the things I’m most excited about.

What about you? What are you most excited for in 2017?

Bevan “Getting more Pokemon cards and being 10!”

Honor “Mia (her best friend) coming for tea”

Hard answers to top….

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  • Donna - Awww love this! Look forward to the fitness posts luv. Hope the kids have a great 2017!!!ReplyCancel

  • RachelSwirl - Happy New Year, may 2017 be fantastic for you and your family. Some fab pics there xReplyCancel

  • Lauren - Good luck with your fitness journey!
    Love those photos xReplyCancel

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