Living Healthily Ever After #Ad

They’ve entertained families for generations with magical stories and characters we love and now Disney are inspiring families to live healthily ever after. I’ve teamed up with Britmums as part of the #HealthilyEverAfter campaign to share how Disney inspires our family to get outdoors and live healthily ever after…

Like a lot of little girls, our four-year-old daughter adores Disney Princesses and will chatter away about her favourite Princess du jour to anyone who will listen. I love that she is such a typically girly girl and have happily embraced all the dolls, pink and tea parties. She thinks the Princesses are beautiful and it’s become really important to me to teach her that appearance isn’t everything.  I want her to know that what’s on the inside far outweighs a pretty face and I want her to feel confident and happy in her own skin as she grows up. So we talk about traits she admires in her heroes – kindness, bravery, strength and what we can do to be healthy and strong so she can be just like them. Strong is a word we use a lot, I think it’s a good word. I do worry about the emphasis on appearance, especially on young girls and a strong sense of self is something I wanted to instil in her and her brother from a young age. I would hate for either of our children to grow up thinking of their bodies negatively and try not to talk negatively about my own body in front of them.

They both know certain foods make our bodies feel “happy” and those are the ones they should eat plenty of…that actually happening is another matter! We want living healthily to be something that comes naturally to them and encourage them to make healthy choices. Like most children, they can be fussy when it comes to food and over the years I have tried all the tricks to get them to eat their vegetables at some point. Smothering stuff in cheese (who doesn’t love cheese? My kid..), hiding carrot puree in pasta sauce (this one’s a gem!), hiding celery in rice (also works on husbands), baking courgette muffins (nobody liked them), bribery. Dipping stuff in houmous is always a winner and so is a breakfast smoothie, with a funky straw, naturally. As long as they can press the button and it’s not green, they’ll try it.

disney-001We are lucky enough to live in the Bedfordshire countryside and I love living where we do. We are surrounded by fields and my little duo love the chance to get out on their bikes and scooters and to look for fairy houses the nearby woods!


disney-002disney-003disney-004Disney inspires a lot of their play and it’s wonderful to see their imagination at work. Magic carpet rides, exploring Paradise Falls, duelling pirates on the shores of Neverland or ice skating across the fjords of Arendelle. You’re never too old to be young.

I’ve put together a little film of some recent outdoor adventures. You can share your stories and be inspired at

This video is part of a promotional campaign for Disney Healthy Living. I have been paid by Disney to make a video about healthy living and how our family is inspired to live healthily ever after. 

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