Happy Holidays!

I turned my computer on last night for the first time in over a week. This Christmas has well and truly been about relaxing and spending time with the nearest and dearest (aswell as eating my bodyweight in ham). I packed 3 pairs of PJs, a bag of truffles and a couple of chocolate oranges to take to the inlaws and only remembered to pack a party dress at the last minute. ┬áThat’s how we’re rolling this Christmas (and I will be literally rolling by the end of the week. I’m actually craving fresh fruit and salad). I’m looking forward to starting a new year, writing lists, making plans, playing geek with my new Lomo camera and flash filters… I’m excited to see what 2013 has in store for us. Until then, a snippet of our Christmas for your viewing pleasure.

xmas-014Putting out the key for Father Christmas (we haven’t got a chimney but it’s on my list of requirements for our next house. True story)



Sister made this face a lot on Christmas Eve


xmas-007Playing everyone’s favourite yuletide game, “Chuck The Slipper”

xmas-006Refusing to participate for photos of matching Christmas PJs







xmas-012The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

xmas-013An hour into the 2 day Lego build…

Trying to watch Doctor Who with little hummingbird baby. The Urchin was not impressed.xmasblog-002

Happy New Year!


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