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My kids both *love* YouTube. So much so, the littlest has learnt how to do a Google voice search so she can watch her favourite things. I think she saw a video on it or something… Like most little girls her age she is a huge fan of the videos of other kids unboxing toys and watching people open Kinder eggs. My childless friends are always like “What the…???” but they can’t get enough of those videos. I often find little videos on my phone of monologues about toys and what accessories they came with, complete with “Hey Guys!” and “Don’t forget to subscribe!”. She’s a rather girly girl and has never paid any attention to her brother’s love of Spiderman and Batman but she absolutely loved the new DC Super Hero Girls animated series and so did he although he pretended not too, obviously. He’s nearly 9 and *far* too cool for that kind of thing. The new series features a group of Super Heros on their journey of discovering the power of their unique abilities and friendships. I loved that she wanted to watch something that inspired her for the rest of the day and that there were characters that she could relate to and stories she could enjoy rather than watching videos about stuff. Not so much loving that my vintage scarf collection is now being used for capes…

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You can watch the latest series of DC Super Hero Girls on the DC Super Hero Girls channel and there is an extended online experience on the DC website where kids can play games, download free printable activities and more.

To celebrate the launch, DC Super Hero Girls are offering you the chance to win a £100 Visa Giftcard (pretty nice, eh?). Just follow the instructions below to enter. Good luck!

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Get your cape on!

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