Cooking with #KnorrNaturallyTasty

We are total foodies in this house and we love to try something new. I love to cook fresh meals for us whenever possible and have been a huge fan of Knorr stock for ages (and also Marco Pierre White was on the adverts and I have a weird and now-not-at-all-secret crush on him) so I was really keen to try the new Naturally Tasty range as we all love a bit of pasta. I have to confess to being a bit lazy when it comes to making Spag Bol – I throw in some tomatoes and a bit of pesto usually and call it a day so this was a massive step up! I don’t normally buy mixes like this so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised that the flavours were so strong and both kids happily gobbled it up. It even got the seal of approval from an Italian friend so you know it tastes good when that happens!
knorr-001It was really quick and easy to make Spaghetti Bolognese using the Naturally Tasty mix. We fried the mince, mushrooms and onions, added some tomatoes and the mix and let it simmer away. We had meat in ours but the mix is suitable for vegetarians and it contains ingredients which are sustainably sourced. It’s nice to know that what’s on the plate is natural and good for them (obviously won’t be telling the kids that just incase they have second thoughts about eating it).

knorr-002knorr-003Buon appetito!knorr-004knorr-005

  • Donna - I don’t think I have veer cooked with Knorr. It looks like it was a hit with the kids! xReplyCancel

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