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I’m off to London again today so it seemed like a good time to share a few photos I took when I visited the Imperial War Museum with Bevan back when it was chillier! Pre-kids, we lived in North London and I still loved the place as much as I do now. I just can’t get enough of the landmarks, no matter how many times I see them…I think it’s actually physically impossible for me to cross a bridge without taking a quick snap!

This year, Bevan has been learning all about World War II and when this boy is interested in something, he really goes to town! He has been soaking up everything and has amazed us all with his knowledge and the questions he’s come out with. It’s been wonderful to learn more about it with him although I find it much more horrifying as an adult. During a conversation about evacuees one day, I found myself in tears thinking of how frightened those parents must have been. We are so lucky and I think it’s so important that they learn about all this. I’m not sure how much of it went in, he’s still at an age really where he thinks the planes and tanks are really cool but it’s great to be able to actually show him all the stuff he’s been learning about in the classroom. And it’s even better to spend a day with just him. I get to spend a lot of one-on-one time with Sunshine while he’s at school so it’s really special to get that quality time with him too. I’m so proud of this funny boy.


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In front of my lens lately

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Beautiful blue sky in London | “bubblies!” | happy babies at a family session in the bluebell woods | my sweet boy | newborn photos with baby Phoebe | in the garden | a photo walk with the folks at Blogtacular

Taken with a Canon EOS 3 and Kodak Portra 400 and a Canon 6D


We spent the weekend at Centre Parcs with all the family for Grandma’s special birthday (I won’t say how old but it’s between 69 & 71). Sunshine and I made a cake which ended up being dropped so it was a little lopsided and I had to fend off the toddler who was on a mission to eat as much frosting and poke that cake as much as she could. The kids had a fantastic time, they LOVED the pool and didn’t want to leave! I’ve never seen such pruned fingers and toes. shutterflies blog-010We got a waterproof disposable and the photos are hilarious! I’ll spare you the sight of me in a swimming costume though!

The rest of our weekend was spent hanging out, reading, playing a rather stressful game of Sequence (if you haven’t played it, you need to! It was brilliant) and enjoying the surroundings. We were near a huge pond and woke up on Sunday morning to a visitor tapping on the window…

shutterflies blog-006How cool (and slightly scary!) is that?

Enjoying the forest

shutterflies blog-007shutterflies blog-008shutterflies blog-009

I’ve had a film that I’ve meant to get developed for months and finally took it this week when I took the camera. I’d completely forgotten what was even on there so it made me smile to see some photos from our freezing beach trip.

shutterflies blog-002shutterflies blog-003shutterflies blog-004shutterflies blog-005

Have a great week!