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I took over 13000 photos last year and only about 3 of those were of my children together. Ridiculous. A couple of years ago, I took part in the Siblings linky and I’m so glad I did because I got some lovely photos of them that year. I figure I can manage at least 12 half decent photos of the two of them this year!

My very first Siblings post (insert shameless link here) featured my little duo in their onesies (still the loungewear of choice for the under 10s in the Willis household). I thought it might be fun to start this year in the same way…. haven’t they grown? *sob*

Siblings 1-001



There are 4 years between them so I wasn’t sure what their relationship would be like but I think the fact that Bevan is a little young for his age and Honor is quite sassy and mature works to our advantage. *Most* of the time she idolises him (which he pretends to be annoyed about but I think he secretly loves) and he makes sure she is clued up on all things Pokemon and DanTDM. They are very good at winding each other up, especially in the car or “You’ve had Dad’s phone longer than I did”. They can go from absolute adoration to being unable to breathe the same air in 10 seconds. There’s a competitive streak in them both which can be a little…interesting…at times but for the most part they are quite supportive. There’s definitely never a dull moment, that’s for sure!

siblings-002siblings-006siblings-007siblings-003siblings-005Sister choke hold. Standard.

The Me and Mine Project

I can’t believe that this is the last Siblings post! It’s been wonderful having an excuse to take even more photos of these two (as if I needed it!). I can’t believe that almost a year has passed since that first post of my little urchins. In honour of the occasion, I recreated or rather attempted to recreate the first lot of photos.

december siblings-001december siblings-002I put together a photo calendar for my nan for Christmas (it’s cool, she doesn’t even have the internet so she’ll still be surprised). It was really lovely to have a year’s worth of photos to choose from. I know that in a few years I will be so so happy to have all these pictures.

siblings March-003siblings feb-001siblings March-004siblings-003May Siblings-002May Siblings-003june siblings-007june siblings-015
July siblings-003
July siblings-001siblings august-001siblings august-003september siblings-005september siblings-004
october sibs-003november-004november-006Didn’t know I loved that orange striped t-shirt so much!

It’s amazing how much the kids have changed this year. My little dude is more mature and I think he looks older than he did just a few months ago. And my girly! She was still such a baby at the beginning of the year and is such a little girl now. She has had a major language explosion and they hold proper conversations now! It’s so funny to me to hear them chattering away to one another.

kids xmas-001kids xmas-002

For the last time, I’m sending you to one of the other “Siblings” hosts. Keri-Anne is mum to two little girls and takes the most dreamy photos of them. If you like a bit of nostalgia (and fairies!) you will love her blog, Gingerlilly Tea

Three years ago, we were no so patiently waiting for a certain little lady to arrive (she eventually made her debut 13 days late on the 20th. I was a complete mentalist by then). I couldn’t quite imagine then what they would be like together, I know I worried that they wouldn’t be very close because of the gap between them (4 years) and at first I was right, he pretty much ignored her for the first few months of her life! It’s funny how much babies love other kids, she has always adored him and would happily sit in her bumbo watching him. She really misses him when he’s at school, she spends the afternoon asking me “When Bevan gets home can we…..?” and asking if it’s nearly time to go and get him. He plays the part of the exasperated big brother but I know that he loves it really. Whenever she won’t hug him goodbye or hold his hand, he is really put out!

They both love to bake. As the firstborn, he gets the very important job of egg smashing, a responsibility he takes very seriously! (She looks like she’s ready to give him a smack with the spoon!)

november sibs-001november sibs-002november sibs-003november sibs-004november sibs-005november sibs-006

This month I’m sending you over to a fellow Living Arrows Mum and superstar blogger, Katie. She takes the loveliest photos of her little girls. Go and see what they got up to this month!