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Back after a little blogging break!


Our (freezing!) beach trip and new haircut. Canon EOS 3 & Fuji Neopan 400CN. Hoodie c/o Their Nibs.


Boy meets chocolate fountain. Why waste time with the fruit when you can dip your hands right in?

Pretty exciting news – someone’s got their first wobbly tooth. He’s the last of his friends to lose any so he’s really excited about a visit from the tooth fairy. What’s the going rate these days?bevan-008

Canon EOS 3 with Agfa Vista 200. Incase you were wondering.

A bit late as we’re halfway through week 7 but I had a delay with the film. Maybe this is why most of the world’s gone digital?

The Karate Kid got his blue belt this week AND scored full marks in his spelling test. It’s funny how ridiculously proud I am and how stressful it was watching his exam. If he gets a degree one day, I’m going to be unbearable!