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I love when she chooses what to wear herself. She’s like an eccentric old lady in a toddler’s body. Funny girl.


It’s in this boy’s genes to love Dr Who. We spent the weekend immersed in the world of Dr Who and yesterday he got to see The Doctor up close (he hid his face and wouldn’t make eye contact) at a special event at the Excel (more on that tomorrow!). Watching his Godmother interviewing his hero onstage must have been so surreal for him. I hope he remembers this in years to come.


Our funny girl turned two yesterday, I can hardly believe it! In no time at all our little baby has become quite a wilful little girl. She had a lovely day – she spent the morning at softplay and got to eat a LOT of raisins and pink cake. I spent ages finding a Radio Flyer trike for her and its been hidden in the garage for months. I was SO excited to give it to her….aaaaaaaand she hates it. She wouldn’t even look at it and when I asked if she wanted to sit on it (even though it turns out she is about 3 years too small for it), she cried and kept saying “No bike!”. Ah, good times.


The year you were two. 1/52.