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This little girl is just hilarious. I’m so lucky that I get to be with her every day and I am really enjoying this age.


Where’d she go?



Someone moved into a big girls bed and her little room got a bit of a makeover. I love her room! If the bed wasn’t 5 foot long, I’d probably move in myself. She loves it too and has been going in there to play which she hasn’t really done before. “Mine bed! Mine room!”


I love writing this blog but I’m afraid I’ve been a bad blogger of late. Other projects and general post Christmas “blah-ness” (it’s a word!) has taken over but I’m feeling more inspired to pick up the camera. With this guy around, how could you not?


Dude got a haircut and hates being dragged out on windy dog walks, incase you were wondering.


The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (and it’s an IPHONE! See what I’ve done there?…anyway….) he was busy snapping the wildlife on our weekend away. His pictures are actually pretty good, I’ll have to share some of his photos sometime. I think he has the eye.



Sunshine has been extra adorable this week and has started letting me do her hair so she’s had ponytails and bunches. Very cute. She won’t sit still long enough for a plait but I’ll keep trying.

My funny girl.