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There were three in a bed….

On paper, this was the best idea ever. Three little cousins born within two weeks of each other, all snuggled together in a basket…..They didn’t think so.


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Photo Of the Week is back by popular demand! (OK, not really, this blog only has like, four readers. Hi Mum! Hi Rebs! Hi Lizzie! Hi Mel!)

I don’t know why I always remember these dates but I do. It’s one of my little quirks. Two years ago today I engaged in one of my favourite pastimes (I’m kidding. A little bit…), weeing on a pregnancy test. This time the magic second line appeared so I took another seven (don’t judge me) and they confirmed that, yes, I had spent way too much money on tests (luckily I *was* knocked up so Beloved wasn’t going to be angry about it). Two years on and here she is. My Sunshine. I had no idea how much I would love doing the baby thing all over again, how much I could love another little person, how much she would change things. Less time, less sleep, more washing and a lot more love.

My little ragamuffin. Just like her brother.

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…or rather 3. Sunshine was making me laugh yesterday with her sneaky secret biscuit eating (maybe she’s taken to hiding them from Mummy?) Check out some photos from other bloggers here.

baby photography, children

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