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Last week I got to spend a bit of time one-on-one with my firstborn. I honestly can’t remember the last time he and I did something fun together just the two of us so I was really excited to have a few hours with him. We got on the train and within 9 seconds all the snacks had been consumed and he cheerfully told me “It’s OK, we’ll find a Starbucks when we get there!”. That’s my boy! He also proved once again that he’s already cleverer than me when he pointed out Wembley Stadium and I said in front of a packed carriage that it wasn’t and then had to quickly backtrack…

I did know what this place was though.


I just love that you can rent a deckchair in the park!

We were invited along to an event for Skylanders. There’s a new game coming out next month and as an authority on all things Skylander, obviously we went along and I embarrassed myself yet again by pretending I knew anything about it. I’m seriously such a mum, they all look the same to me (saying this usually leads to eyerolling because OF COURSE they are all different!) He absolutely loved spending a few hours playing, watching and talking all things Skylanders and he had his face painted by the most talented face painter EVER. Puts my attempts at the school fete to shame!


Is it a crocodile? Is it a dragon? I have no freaking idea and don’t even ask me what it’s called. He was chattering away to some other kids and it was like he was speaking a foreign language!


I kept forgetting he’d had his face painted and wondered why people on the tube were looking at my kid! I think he’d have happily left it on and never washed again if we’d let him!

I waved my boy off on Wednesday morning, all smart in his new uniform and excited to see his friends and meet his new teacher. He’s in year 3 now, a junior and I’m not really sure how that happened. It sometimes scares me that he’s 7 now, I’m not ready for them to be so grown up already. How many Christmases before I have to fess up? He’s already started with the questioning!

back to school-001back to school-002

The last week or so was hard work. He was really starting to get a bit bored and I think he was ready to get back to school and we’ve quickly settled back into our normal routine. I miss him though! And even after 3 years at school, there’s nothing quite like seeing how happy he is to see his sister and I as he runs out of the classroom at 3.30.

This year, Sunshine’s going too! She’s starting preschool in a couple of week and she can’t wait! I’m a little, OK, more than a little worried that after so much build up, she’s going to hate it. When it was her brother I was excited for him but she’s my baby. I keep thinking of more things to worry about…it’s normal, right? Like, what if they don’t understand what she’s saying? What if she asks for the toilet and they don’t know what she means? (Honestly, you’d think we’d chosen a preschool with no experience of caring for young children by the way I’ve been carrying on). What if another kid hurts her? Or worse, what if *she* hurts another kid? What if she refuses to eat? Because y’know, she’s going to be there for 3 1/2 hours, she could starve! Or she could love it and make friends and love every second which is what I’m hoping happens.back to school-003I’ve been prepping her for preschool after her brother went off to school at 4 not being able to dress himself or put his coat on. Spoilt firstborn. Ahem. So we have been practising how to do things herself which she loves to do. She had a little pair of Converse to wear and then I realised what a pain they are to get on and off so after getting her feet measured on a day she had been wearing wellies for 4 hours and had boots full of sand and grass and stinking feet (so sorry people in Clarks), she got a pair with velcro that she can do all by herself. Kid’s a genius. I’ve also been talking to her this past week about what happens at preschool, where we go, how she’ll hang her coat up and go and in and find her name and she’s going to look round again and maybe stay for an afternoon if she wants to next week. She’s most excited about lunch and taking her sandwiches in her new Frozen lunchbox. If you ask her about preschool “ham sandwiches in my Frozen lunchbox” is the first thing she’ll mention. She was so upset that she wasn’t off to preschool with her lunch when she saw me making her brother’s sandwiches. I ended up making her a packed lunch too but it just made her really angry…No idea where she get’s that. After all, I’m not one to overreact…



At 4.41pm on Saturday 25th August 2007, this guy entered the world and our hearts.

Photo 24-08-2014 23 37 14

Naturally, all we’ve talked about lately is birthdays and how grown up he is. He was asking about when he was born and I was telling him his birth story (FYI the 7 year old version of the birth story is stuff like “It was really hot that day and when you were born you had loads of hair and you didn’t cry!”. No mention of anything dilating, you’ll be relieved to hear). We looked at newborn photos and pictures from past birthdays….I just can’t believe he is SEVEN! Looking through my favourite photos…my gosh, where did those years go? Part of me wishes I could go back in time and do it all over again.

Happy Birthday, Bevan, our beautiful and funny boy. Now excuse me while I go and cry my eyes out.