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Our week in pictures, black & white edition.


Watching her big brother in the garden | Beautiful Gemma’s snowy maternity session (more to come!) | Child labour

I’ve been shooting in manual this weekend (loving the difference) and using my Diana Mini (with film from Poundland – sweeeet!).

Have a wonderful week, folks!


Sunshine loves yogurt | Exploring in the woods | My little poser! I didn’t realise she was doing this until I went through the pictures after and I couldn’t stop laughing | The Urchin keeps asking to go to the pet shop so we can visit these guys (he’s not getting one…) | Enthralled with the pretty lights


Bored out of their tiny minds during the hour long “Look at me with all my healthy food!” new year shop | My favourite gift from Father Christmas, little light up bunny (she probably hates it but I keep forcing it on her because I think it’s so cute) | Sitting in Daddy’s old chair like a big girl! | With the Lego he bought with his Christmas money. He now thinks money is awesome | Friday night gluttony – four cheese topped pasta bake | Planning to get Dad with some of his jokes (remember these? They used to REALLY hurt!)