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First post of 2015! Whoop! Happy New Year folks! We spent New Year’s Eve in Glasgow sans kiddos for the first time ever! I was planning a ker-azy night out but once we were actually there and it was raining (it rained the *entire* time we were there) and it was going to cost £30 in a cab each way…well, the grumpy old lady in me won out and we ended up staying at our hotel where they had a Hogmanay Ball on and we watched the fireworks from our balcony. More subdued than we originally planned for but we were together and that’s all that matters. We came home yesterday after being away since Christmas morning. I had all kinds of new year intentions for today but instead I caught up with a friend, cleaned out the fridge and did a super duper healthy big shop. Once upon a time I lovingly steamed veg and made wonderful purees and cut things to be the perfect size for finger food for my little darlings. The past couple of weeks their diet has consisted of selection boxes, crisps and leftovers. Epic parenting.

Earlier this week we took the kids up to the moors to play in the snow. It was about an hours drive from my inlaws and the road was insanely icy (so glad the Mr was driving!) but totally worth it. The kids were so excited and it gave me an excuse to wear my new faux fur coat and feel like I was in Dynasty so everyone was happy. We didn’t take the children’s sledge with us but luckily Grandpop had some plastic sheeting in the boot of the car. Incase you hadn’t guessed, we’re a bit lax where health and safety is concerned.

kids in snow-008kids in snow-004kids in snow-005kids in snow-001kids in snow-009kids in snow-002kids in snow-006kids in snow-003kids in snow-007kids in snow-011kids in snow-012kids in snow-010kids in snow-014kids in snow-013

I’m really excited about Living Arrows starting next week! If you’re a photography loving mum, I hope you’ll join us for a year of capturing our children. I can’t wait to get started and the photos I’ve seen so far look beaut! Make sure you pop back to see! Next week Annie from Mammasaurus will be sharing the story behind her photo which is good as all I have planned for the week is getting my car serviced so it would be a bit of a boring post otherwise. If you have a question for Annie about taking photos, let me know!

Have a fab weekend!



I’ve been a bit slow with updating on the blogging front lately, mainly down to a newly acquired steam mop (must clean ALL THE THINGS!) and them there kids. Who knew they required so much upkeep? Seriously! Surely the 6 year old should be cooking his own meals by now? We’ve been baking together a lot lately and I even had a little bread lesson with my friend Gemma (which I will share soon!) It turned out so well that I got a bit cocky and thought I could make bread now so attempted a soda bread for St Patrick’s Day that was awful, to be perfectly honest. I will now only attempt to make bread under Gemma’s supervision. We’ve made banana bread too (technically, it’s cake, isn’t it?) and that was sort of OK… Little Dude won’t touch anything with fruit in or anything that he suspects may be healthy, the husband’s too polite to say anything, the littlest will eat anything and me…well, y’know…cake.

I have lots of bits and pieces to share with you later this week, I’m making some little tweaks here and there, adding a few new pages to the site and have some photos to share from some recent sessions. I’m also cutting down on social media because it was getting silly how much of a time suck it can be. I now *only* have Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook. And Instagram. And Google+. But that’s all! Facebook is my favourite though and the easiest one to use, I think, so feel free to add me as a friend (I’m Hayley Shutterflies-Photography).

Lately I’m loving…

Sunnier days

oddments -001oddments -002

This little one’s love of books.

oddments -003

My bike riding pro!

oddments -004

Hair tutorials on YouTube. Thanks to these, I was able to do a (rather messy) french plait and realise a childhood dream. I always, always wanted a french plait like the girls down the road but my mum was shit at hair and couldn’t do it. In the end, I got a bob, I think she was just so sick of hearing me go on and on  about it! I can’t wait until Sunshine’s hair is a little longer and she’s capable of sitting still for longer than a few seconds so I can plait her hair too. It’s going to be so cute! I offered to do one for the Little Dude but he said no, oddly enough.

This video from Jo Whiley’s Sport Relief Challenge.

How great was Sport Relief? I’m really thrilled to tell you that the blogger relay that I took part in last month for Team Honk finished in John O’Groats yesterday and raised over £26,000 for Sport Relief. I LOVED Jason & Kylie and was really impressed by everyone’s efforts, especially Jo for spending 26 hours on a treadmill! That lady’s amazing!

A weekend of birthday celebrations – for my gorgeous girl and for my boys’ favourite TV show.

Doctor Who 50th-001Doctor Who 50th-002(Photos taken on DSLR and iPhone)

Second Birthday-001Second Birthday-002Second Birthday-003Second Birthday-004Second Birthday-005

Enjoying all the Dr Who things at the Excel show. Both my boys love Doctor Who (I think the grown up one a little bit more than the little one!) and they loved seeing everything from the show. There were people walking around dressed as various baddies and even though you *know* it’s a guy in a costume, it’s still pretty scary when they’re coming towards you! | I have a dolly loving little girl who has spent the last few weeks saying “Mummy! Mine! Mine baby!” every time she sees an advert on telly for a dolly. I was so excited for her to open up her gift from Nanny & Grandad, especially as the bike turned out to be a total flop. She was so delighted! | Celebrating her second birthday with oodles of bunting and “tea for two” – see what I did there? Lots of tea, cake and catching up with friends and family. A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


(Sunshine’s gorgeous party frock was from our friends at Their Nibs. You can see our little photoshoot HERE )


Have a fantastic week folks. I will be hard at work on a secret project….all will be revealed on Sunday!