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Today’s the 5th time I’ve done this, the start of another school year and it’s as bittersweet as ever. They say the days are long and the years are short, wow is that true! I can’t believe how quickly September has come around again. It sort of makes me anxious, the realisation that time is passing so quickly. One year of lower school left, I almost can’t bear it!


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You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth


Amber | The Goblin Child


Donna | What the Redhead said


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Lauren | Real Housewife of Suffolk County

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My sweet boy turned eight last week which was the cause of much excitement. He’s wanted to be eight for ages, it’s his favourite number and official big kid territory. He has one more year at lower school and I’m almost a little heartbroken at how quickly it’s gone, not that I’d ever admit that to him, of course. Comments like that are usually greeted with eyerolls and an exasperated “Mum…”. I can’t actually remember when he stopped saying Mummy. It’s like this big kid just appeared while I wasn’t looking.

I love their birthdays and making the day special for them. We were away for his birthday this year so it was a bit different than the usual traditions but he loved it. He wanted a donut cake for breakfast and we all spent the afternoon at Brixham Harbour, crabbing, a fish & chip supper, exploring the pirate ship and playing in the arcade (3 keyrings won on the 2p machine. Only cost about £7 in coppers..)


I’m really pleased that there are a couple of new names joining the list of featured contributors for September and I’ll be grilling them for their best photography tips and tricks over the next couple of weeks. If you’d like to see more from them, just click on the photos above to visit their blogs and if you’d like to join in with the project, just add your link below (you can find a badge for your blog post HERE ) or you can join in on Instagram, #LivingArrows.

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My cousins are all much older than I am and while I adored them, we couldn’t really play together so I think it’s wonderful that my kiddos have a built in playmate in our niece. They have been thick as thieves, colouring, playing babies, pretending to surf, crabbing, playing babies again… Seeing them together all weekend has been wonderful, I hope they will always be as close as they are right now.

Keri-Anne from Gingerlilly Tea is hosting Living Arrows this week so head over there to see more and add your link. Her blog is BEAUTIFUL so you should absolutely take a minute or two to read some of her posts!

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