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I can’t believe that December is here! I’ve spent the past couple of weeks being a bit bah humbug about all the Christmas stuff everywhere when it’s “STILL NOVEMBER!” but now it’s December? BRING IT ON!


Our curly haired little poppet turned 3. November was very much about all things Frozen!

november-002november-003happy november-001november-004november-005november-006I can’t tell you how much I have loved #happynovemberproject. Instagram is my favourite app by a mile and I have really enjoyed seeing the photos people have added and finding some great new people to follow. We loved it so much that we didn’t want it to end and so we have #happychristmasproject! As if we needed an excuse to snap all our festive fun? You can read all about it over on Emily’s blog and she has a very special printable for you to download. And we have a special festive twist to December’s Photo Clinic posts so let us know if you have a Christmas related photo problem!

It’s been another fab week over on Instagram for #happynovember project. Emily and I have so enjoyed seeing everyone’s photos. It’s so lovely seeing people’s happy moments and I can’t believe there’s only a week left! Time to dial up the happy. A few favourites!


happy november-005

You can see more over on Emily’s blog and please come and join us over on Instagram – tag your photos #happynovemberproject to share (we are @emilybealephoto and @shutterflies_uk over there).


For us this week has been all about a little curly haired poppet’s 3rd birthday (even more photos to come!) and my niece came for what I’m sure will be the first of many sleepovers (and I loved having three kids. I know, I know….maybe we need just one more….)

happy november-001happy november-004



Have a fab weekend



Another month has whizzed by and here we are, November already! Our littlest celebrates her birthday this month so for us her birthday is the signal that Christmas is on the way. I’ve always loved that they celebrate Thanksgiving across the pond and with that in mind, Emily and I came up with an idea one day during one of our Skype sessions…She and her family like to focus on all the things they’re grateful for during November…we should do something like that! What about something we can involve the children in? What is important to us? And how do we make it about photos? (that one is most important!) So the Happy November Project was born!

Happy November Project-002Happy November Project-003Happy November Project-001

We both loved the idea of celebrating all the positives for a month and going into the Christmas season with that feeling of contentment for the good things in our lives. I think that’s such a great thing to be teaching my children, too, to be thankful, grateful and happy (and it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of that myself!). And it’s true – happiness really is contagious! We have been sharing our photos this weekend over on Instagram (#happynovemberproject – come and take a look!) and it gave me such a boost to see what makes people happy.

Emily Beale Photography | Life & Pictures - happynovemberproject 3Would you like to join us? It’s really simple. You can share a photo over on Instagram, share as many as you like actually! Just tag them #happynovemberproject so we can see them. We are @emilybealephoto and @shutterflies_uk over there if you want to come and find us. We will be sharing our favourite images each Friday during November on our blogs. We’re also pinning gorgeous photos from this time of year, happy quotes, happy photos and general November loveliness over on Pinterest. If you’d like to be added to the Happy November board, let Emily know. The more, the merrier!

Follow Emily Beale Photography’s board #happynovemberproject on Pinterest.

I’m so happy to be part of this project and so happy to have Emily as a partner in crime. She really is an inspiring, talented and lovely lady (you can get to know her a little better in this post).

Happy November, folks! Bring on the happy!