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You know you’re a bit of a geek when you’re planning an overseas trip and you haven’t given any thought to what you or your kids are going to wear but you know exactly what camera equipment you’re taking with you. Guilty! For me part of the fun of travelling is the photo opportunities and so OF COURSE I want to have my camera and favourite lenses with me I’m definitely probably more protective of my camera than I am my children (sorry kids) and while all of my equipment is covered for accidental damage, I’d rather avoid the drama of a smashed lens in transit – especially while I’m away (and you just KNOW that the lens you wanted to use the most would be the one that ended up damaged).

Travelling With Your Camera Equipment

I use a Canon DSLR and I have 3 lenses that I use all the time. I love to use prime lenses as they are great in low light and I just really like the overall effect that shooting with a wide aperture gives you. These lenses don’t zoom at all which is why I like to take all three with me – 35mm for wider angles, 85mm portrait lens which is my most used lens –  and a 40mm pancake lens which is great for video too and makes my camera a bit more compact. As I mentioned before, part of the fun of going away for me is the chance to top up the family photo archive and ALL of these items are absolutely essential. And I’ll probably want to take along a film camera too. And a GoPro. May as well take a flashgun too because you never know when you might need it… Given that this is pretty much all of my kit and without it I couldn’t do my job, I obviously want to keep it safe and so investing in a protective case is a great idea. I cringe about it now but I used to throw my camera in the nappy bag with all the baby paraphernalia and wonder why stuff got broken. An expensive lesson right there….

Keeping Your Equipment Safe

The Case Farm have a range of hard cases in various sizes to suit different budgets and to keep your equipment safe when you travel. It’s like a car seat but for your camera (or iPad or laptop!). I’m a little anxious about stuff being stolen or lost when I travel so I keep absolute essentials (and a change of clothes!) with me in the overhead locker so I know exactly where it is at all times. A carry-on sized case that wouldn’t have to go in the hold would be ideal for a paranoid traveller like me.

So kids, now that I have a protected camera, you might get a little more attention this holiday!


We are total foodies in this house and we love to try something new. I love to cook fresh meals for us whenever possible and have been a huge fan of Knorr stock for ages (and also Marco Pierre White was on the adverts and I have a weird and now-not-at-all-secret crush on him) so I was really keen to try the new Naturally Tasty range as we all love a bit of pasta. I have to confess to being a bit lazy when it comes to making Spag Bol – I throw in some tomatoes and a bit of pesto usually and call it a day so this was a massive step up! I don’t normally buy mixes like this so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised that the flavours were so strong and both kids happily gobbled it up. It even got the seal of approval from an Italian friend so you know it tastes good when that happens!
knorr-001It was really quick and easy to make Spaghetti Bolognese using the Naturally Tasty mix. We fried the mince, mushrooms and onions, added some tomatoes and the mix and let it simmer away. We had meat in ours but the mix is suitable for vegetarians and it contains ingredients which are sustainably sourced. It’s nice to know that what’s on the plate is natural and good for them (obviously won’t be telling the kids that just incase they have second thoughts about eating it).

knorr-002knorr-003Buon appetito!knorr-004knorr-005

This summer, the folks from George at Asda are asking parent bloggers and kids to plan their dream bedroom featuring up to £400 worth of George bedroom products. With the help of my little duo, Bevan and Honor, we’ve picked out some of our favourite bits and pieces from their kids range.


georgeous room challenge copy


1 George Home Alfie Chest of 3 Drawers  – £149

OK, so my kids aren’t that practical that they picked out a chest of drawers by themselves but every bedroom needs storage. I really love the shape and retro vibe of this range.

2 Kids Shark Beanbag – £30

What could be better for a shark mad boy? Bevan absolutely loved this shark beanbag! Both kids have quite plain rooms and we inject their personalities into their spaces by switching up the bedding and accessories to reflect whatever the current obsession de jour is.

3 George Oh Deer! Ceiling Light – £5

Honor is a real girly girl at the moment and loves anything with hearts and animals so this sweet lampshade fits the bill!

4 Kidsaw Country Cottage Bookcase – £69

Honor loved everything in this range and thought this would be great to house her stories and dolls. I’m sure it would probably end up as a makeshift doll house at some point too!

George Home World Traveller Wall Art – £3.50

Both of them liked these pictures and I think they’d be a great choice for their playroom. I love the colours and think the animals are pretty cute!

6 Batman Rug – £14

Like most boys his age (and most grown-up boys, too!) Bevan likes superheroes so this Batman rug had to make the top picks!

7 George Home Circus String Lights  – £7

I love string lights and they both have lights in their rooms at the moment. Honor loved these circus animals to hang above her bed.

8 George Home Webster Bed – £99

This bed is my favourite thing in the entire range and Bevan picked it in yellow, his favourite colour (it also comes in teal, black and grey). I often find that things are restricted to blue or pink so it’s always nice when there are more options.


If you follow me over on Pinterest you can see a few more favourite bedroom items there. You can also share your own mood board on Twitter and Pinterest using the hashtag #GeorgeousRoomChallenge. Entries close at 5pm on Friday 5th August.


This post is in collaboration with George