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Photographing kids is one of my favourite things. I’m sure that I must be crazy but I actually enjoy the chaos (when it’s other people’s offspring, anyway!) I love that kids are truly themselves in front of the camera and I love capturing special moments for parents. Each session is so different, you never know what’s going to happen. I try and have an idea in mind but with kids involved, it rarely goes to plan! We all love the “perfect” smiling happy photo of the kids but really, life with kids is not like that, although I seem to have picked some rather smiley and angelic ones for my six photos this month. And I had to include one of my son being daft because that’s just how he is!

kids june-002kids june-004Florence-052

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This month, I’m sending you over to Pamela Lewis Photography to see her six photos for June.

There seems to be an unintentional tree theme in this post!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with mini-sessions, engagement sessions and weddings. I love it and I love just how beautiful where we live is during spring. We have a bluebell woods nearby and it’s served as a beautiful backdrop for a lot of my recent work. I really want to do a little session there with my own rugrats but have been so busy taking photos of other people’s that I just haven’t had chance yet! This is the second time I’ve offered mini-sessions and while I love the typical at-home lifestyle sessions I normally do, this is really fun and it’s always lovely when people who liked what you did last time come back! I feel like I’m the “Official Family Photographer” for a couple of families which is so nice.

riley-038For this month’s blog circle I’m sending you over to Kassie’s blog Actuary Mom to see her 6 photos for May.

When people ask me what I do, I always mention that I’m a blogger. It’s hard to explain the appeal to people who don’t blog and I think the majority think it’s a rather geeky pastime of mine. I love to read blogs and I love to write too but I struggle sometimes because I feel like I don’t really “fit”. I don’t feel it’s my place to write about parenting, I know from my own experience that no two kids are the same. Just follow your instincts and love them to pieces is my motto! I’m not stylish enough to write about clothes and my home is too mismatched for me to claim I know anything about interiors. I love food and enjoy cooking but I’m no Nigella. Photos…well now..I think that’s my thing.

When I’m behind the camera it’s like everything melts away. Almost like Hayley the Photographer is my superhero alter ego. I have worked really hard and I’m at a point where I feel confident and I want to share my work and show people the world as I see it. I struggle so much with imposter syndrome but this is what I love so I’m willing to put myself out there.

A photographer in a Facebook group I belong to, Asea, had the idea to start a blog circle of photographers where we share 6 favourite images each month. For the first month I wanted to share a few images that I think sum up who I am and what I love. I’m a homebird and I love where we live so I’ve shared a few favourites taken close to home and in my own back garden. And of course my little darlings feature heavily! I always wanted to be a mum, I played with dolls until I was really too old for them and couldn’t wait to have babies of my own. Motherhood has been even more wonderful than I thought it would be. Of course there are moments when I’m tired and cross, frustrated than nobody is listening to me, desperate for a bit of privacy (you really don’t need to follow me into the bathroom..) or butting heads with my eldest who is JUST LIKE ME but on the whole? It’s pretty great. They are pretty great and I’m ridiculously proud of these gorgeous little people.

april6-006april6-005april6-004april6-002april6-003april6-001This month I’m sending you over to visit Jenna from Jenna Donato Photography‘s blog. Her photos are just breathtakingly beautiful and OMG do I want to visit Arizona now!