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The lovely Maria was last week’s featured contributor so it was her turn to be questioned! Maria blogs over at One Tiny Leap and at the moment she and her family are on a round the world trip (colour me jel!). Her blog is a must read for anyone with a passion for wanderlust and gorgeous photos.


This is the second year of Living Arrows for you, what does the project mean to you?

Living Arrows was one of the main reasons I was inspired to start blogging. It keeps on pushing me creatively as I try to capture a moment in my son’s life, something that will mean something to us, even if it’s having a run in the park after nursery! Since I became a mother I have felt time slipping by at an enormous speed, and not wanting to miss a beat I was snapping shots of my baby at all times. I am trying to slow down and focus on capturing moments we will remember.
Did you learn anything last year from it?
The project has inspired me to go outside my comfort zone, explore unusual surroundings and be more creative in how I shoot. I find it really difficult to choose a photo. As a parent I initially lean towards the one where he looks the cutest, but rarely is that the most interesting picture.
What kind of subjects interest you the most?
I really enjoy photographing in both urban or isolated countryside/beach settings, playing with the environment as the main subject in the photo and letting my son have fun with it all in the meantime.
Do you plan your photos or have an idea in mind of what you want or do you take your camera out with you and see what you get?
I never plan my photos and I usually carry my camera everywhere we go and snap as we go along. It was a little trickier in the winter when both light and time were scarce, and I ended up going to locations where I thought we may get a good photo. Now that we’re travelling for the year I think I’ll be spoilt for choice, and the struggle will be selecting which photo represents our week the best.
otlWhat or who inspires you?
The world surrounding us is my biggest inspiration. I try to find pieces of beauty in chaotic urban scenes, or take in the overwhelming beauty nature gives us. I am also hugely inspired by the sheer amount of creativity that you can find in the Living Arrows project – every single person has a unique style and often they’re able to portray so much emotion that I melt like butter at some of the pictures. I also love how Instagram works as a gateway to discover immensely talented photographers from all over the world – I think my creative side has been more stretched this year than ever before.

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