A MAD weekend

I *was* going to include my favourites from the Father’s Day photos I took this year but even I can’t look at that many photos of my kids so I’ll save them for later on this week. You’re welcome.

Last year on Father’s Day I got drunk with my friends at a Christening (we’re classy like that) so I’d promised Beloved a lie in, breakfast in bed and all the trimmings for this Father’s Day…… and then the lovely people from the MAD Blog Awards asked us if we wanted to spend the day at Legoland with our families getting to know the other bloggers and of course we said YES! We aren’t going away on holiday this year (something about a very expensive 30th birthday party…oops!) so we treated ourselves to a night at the Legoland Hotel in one of their themed adventure rooms. For the Little Dude who LOVES Lego, it was the best and most magical day of his life.

Lego everywhere! Every few seconds there would be an excited “LOOK! A Lego hat/parrot/monkey/flowers/pirate”. He loved it! They really have thought of everything, the lifts talk to you, there’s so much for them to see and do and there’s such a friendly and relaxed vibe. I was on the lookout for the other bloggers as soon as we arrived. In the splash pool, I was looking at the other parents to see if any of them “looked like a blogger” (I don’t know what I think a blogger would look like, but still..) desperately hoping that I wouldn’t have to introduce myself while wearing a dodgy swimming costume that’s a bit baggy from being stretched during pregnancy (note to self – buy swimming costume) and with a half arsed leg shave (Beloved was away for work all week and took his razor so I’d had to do a quick once over with the lady shave I’d bought from Boots en route. Told you I was classy)

The next day started with a showing of Lego Chima 4D (HUGE deal to our Lego fan!). I can add Legoland Imagination Theatre to the “places I’ve breastfed” list, so that’s special.

Next stop was Duplo Valley which I thought the smalls would love, especially the new splash part but it was early in the day and pretty nippy in the water. Sunshine had a play on the park while her brother donned his wetsuit.Little Dude got his haircut this week (it’s loads shorter than I wanted it….don’t get me started…) so I spent most of the day having slightly hysterical “OMG, WHERE IS HE?!?!?!” meltdowns because I didn’t recognise him. Motherly love and all that.Sunshine loved the Fairytale BrookMaking them have a Father’s Day picture which they were all thrilled about
We loved the pirate show. People dressed as pirates and somersaulting into water is the most hilarious thing EVER when you’re five.The obligatory “standing next to stuff made from Lego” photosSlides for the smalls instead of steps! Such a good ideaLovin’ the Lego babaWhile Little Dude went on the bigger kid rides, Sunshine took her shoes and socks off for the upteenth time which is just as funWhen in Rome…

We really had the most amazing day and we were spoilt with VIP wristbands which meant we didn’t have to wait for the rides, a perk that every single one of us loved. Little Dude was heartbroken when it was time to take it off. I was so thrilled to meet some lovely bloggers, when I started this, I didn’t realise what a nice little community I was joining. I can’t wait to see everyone again soon. Cheesy, I know.

  • Brinabird and Son - Looks like it was so much fun! I love the “obligatory” pictures!ReplyCancel

    • Hayley - It really was! We had such a great time. It’s amazing what some people can build out of Lego – so so clever!ReplyCancel

  • Lauren - I want Lego chips xReplyCancel

  • Hayley - So did I. He wouldn’t share though!ReplyCancel

  • Kelle - Looks like you all had a fab time
    I love your stroller
    Was nice to briefly meet you at the start of the day! Looking forward to September xxxReplyCancel

    • Hayley - You too! I wanted to talk clothes with you – another time! xReplyCancel

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