Monthly Archives: July 2017

For months now I’ve been filming little snippets of videos here and there but never doing anything with them other than taking up room on a hard drive so a new monthly project featuring a short film seemed like a perfect way to get going. Me being me, I left it until the last minute and said film is currently exporting so in the meantime you’ll just have to make do with a few photos.

What is Snapshots & Scenes? Well, it’s basically just that! Sharing some pictures and films. I love a project – it gives me a push to try something more creative and I have missed taking part in one and have missed blogging in general so this seemed the perfect way to dive back in. Throughout the summer a group of us – Chloe, Amber, Mel, Kerri-Ann, Maria, Jenny, Sara-Jayne (and me!) are going to be sharing some favourite moments from the previous month on the first Monday of the month and we’d obviously LOVE for you to join in with us (there’s a linky at the bottom if you’d like to).

This past month has been an interesting one for us and we’re all still finding our feet. I realised a few months ago that I wasn’t happy with the direction I was heading in and I have taken a job as a Maternity Care Assistant. I haven’t worked full time like this in 10 years and so this unknown routine has been an adjustment for us all. At the moment I have weekends off so I’m trying to cram in as much quality time as possible while also frantically preparing for the week ahead….it’s been….interesting and I’m shattered but content too.

This weekend we celebrated 11 years of marriage and 12 years of living in our house. We still have unpacked boxes in the garage after all this time. I can’t imagine anywhere feeling like home the way this place does.

(and yes, I do have two kids but the eldest is already completely over me and my camera. Sad times for me)

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