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I took over 13000 photos last year and only about 3 of those were of my children together. Ridiculous. A couple of years ago, I took part in the Siblings linky and I’m so glad I did because I got some lovely photos of them that year. I figure I can manage at least 12 half decent photos of the two of them this year!

My very first Siblings post (insert shameless link here) featured my little duo in their onesies (still the loungewear of choice for the under 10s in the Willis household). I thought it might be fun to start this year in the same way…. haven’t they grown? *sob*

Siblings 1-001



There are 4 years between them so I wasn’t sure what their relationship would be like but I think the fact that Bevan is a little young for his age and Honor is quite sassy and mature works to our advantage. *Most* of the time she idolises him (which he pretends to be annoyed about but I think he secretly loves) and he makes sure she is clued up on all things Pokemon and DanTDM. They are very good at winding each other up, especially in the car or “You’ve had Dad’s phone longer than I did”. They can go from absolute adoration to being unable to breathe the same air in 10 seconds. There’s a competitive streak in them both which can be a little…interesting…at times but for the most part they are quite supportive. There’s definitely never a dull moment, that’s for sure!

siblings-002siblings-006siblings-007siblings-003siblings-005Sister choke hold. Standard.

The Me and Mine Project

I was browsing in the White Company a couple of weeks ago, buying candles I really couldn’t justify the cost of buying (Just wait…this will now be the day my husband decides to read my blog….busted) when I saw some gorgeous 52 photo frames. “Aha!” I thought! If there’s one thing I love, it’s a photo project and I decided there and then that 2017 is going to be the year I take a bazillion photos of my little darlings so that in December I can fill up some fancy frames. Lucky them. Like most mums, I love the smiling, happy, looking-at-the-camera photos but I also want to capture them at home, their personalities and unique quirkiness too. Photographing people is my favourite thing to do and these two are my absolute favourite subjects. I’m going to be speaking at the Blog On conference in May all about portraits and photographing children especially so this should give me an extra reason to be a little bit more creative!