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I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend and enjoyed eating too much chocolate! We had a lovely time – we went to a National Trust egg trail on Good Friday and then did a little egg hunt in the garden for the kids on Sunday. Our garden is currently in a shocking state thanks to the trampoline and hen keeping combo. We have no plants (shameful given that I studied floristry and horticulture!) so it didn’t take very long at all for them to find their eggs and then we ended up hiding them again to make it last a little longer! It was a lovely chilled out day with family and some good food. My husband is a really great cook so every time I make something half decent I’m quite obnoxious about it. We had slow roasted lamb with anchovies, garlic and rosemary and I made the Creme Egg cheesecake from Taming Twins blog. It was SO good, I highly recommend it!

I wanted to share a few favourite images from a recent shoot I did with Ann’s Bridal Room. Ann has a beautiful shop in Leighton Buzzard and some of the dresses in there made me wish I was getting married so I could have a trying on session! I *may* have tried on some head pieces and veils while we were there looking at dresses for the shoot…had to be done! We weren’t planning on the addition of a little bridesmaid but this girly loves any excuse to dress up and really wanted to join in. The apple doesn’t fall far from the mother tree where that one’s concerned.  I love that Natalie (my second shooter, “big sister”, partner in crime, stylist, art director, wedding show co-ordinator, etc) was able to rustle up a dress for her at the drop of a hat. And high five us for also wrangling 5 kids between us while I took photos. Multi-tasking at it’s finest!





I realised a couple of weeks ago that it was time to hand over the Living Arrows baton. For the last two and a bit years (has it really been that long? Yikes!) a group of mums have shared a favourite photograph each week. I have found some wonderful blogs and photographers through the project and I want to say a huge “thank you” to everyone who took part. There are some wonderfully inspiring and talented mums out there in blogland and I’m honoured to have featured some of them in the weekly posts and to have made some fabulous friends. Taking weekly photos really helped me improve my technique and it’s lovely to have those photos to look back on now. They were so small when this all started!

Hayley Living Arrows-004hayley living arrows-019Hayley Living Arrows -014Hayley Living Arrows-011pony riding-001Hayley Living Arrows-024Hayley Living Arrows-021Hayley Living Arrows-022Hayley Living Arrows-016hayley living arrows-014hayley living arrows-006bevan8-002
hayley LA-038

hayley living arrows-033Hayley Living Arrows-002

Donna is continuing the project over on her blog, What the Redhead said every Monday.