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Today is the last day of the holidays and I feel like it went in a flash! While part of me cannot wait to drop these kiddos off at school and preschool on Monday, part of me is sad that the summer is over. We had a wonderful time and got to visit lots of places we’ve never been to before. I was really excited when Hampshire Attractions asked if we’d like to go along for the weekend to check out some places to visit. It took us ages to decide, there is so much for families to do in Hampshire and there were so many things our kids would enjoy. In the end we decided to visit Mottisfont, a National Trust property that my friend Caroline recommended to us and Marwell Zoo (an obnoxious amount of photos from there to follow another day. Sorry ’bout that.) First off, don’t believe your sat nav when it tell you that it’s only 1hr 45 if that involves driving on the M25. IT IS A LIE! The journey took much longer than we had anticipated and we’d eaten our car picnic around Luton so the kids were a bit ratty when we arrived. Luckily for us, Mottisfont has an amazing kids area so happiness and harmony was quickly restored (until we wouldn’t let them take sticks home with us, obviously). The house, a former priory, is set in the most beautiful grounds and the wild play trail was fantastic, both kids loved it. If we were local, I’d absolutely sign us up for National Trust membership so I could take the kids all the time! There’s climbing, den building and a pump and splash area to explore in addition to the gardens and house. We actually made the most of the amazing weather and spent the majority of our visit on the play trail and didn’t get to see much of the house, not that the kids minded! It’s the most kid friendly property we’ve visited and the staff were really lovely to the kids, handing out maps and stickers (these kids bloody love a sticker!). At the moment there’s a special Lauren Child exhibition so if your kids are fans of Charlie & Lola, get yourselves there sharpish as it ends this weekend. Check out the Hampshire Attractions site for a 2 for 1 discount voucher.
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Thank you to Hampshire Attractions for inviting us along for the weekend.