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A few weeks ago, I was invited to talk at Blogcamp in Bristol and got to meet Ciaran who is part of the team at Hiive. Hiive is a networking platform for people who work in the creative industries to showcase their work, connect with people, to find courses, jobs and to find out about new projects so I was really keen to hear all about it and to check it out for myself (and fyi, I LOVE being referred to as creative. Makes me feel so terribly artistic and bohemian!).

I really love what I do and it’s been so wonderful to be able to be at home with my children while they’re little but to still keep a hand in so to speak, so for me, freelancing has been the way forward. It’s not the easiest thing, I find it hard to get a lot done when the kids are around (ad hoc childcare is super hard to find!) so I tend to do most of my editing work after they’ve gone to bed. I forget that it’s not that way for everyone so I’m sure some people must wonder why they get emails from me at the strangest times of the day but being able to be there at the drop of a hat or not having to worry that I need to take a day off because my child is ill makes it so worth it. One thing I do struggle with is that when you work for yourself, you have to work to get the work. It was a sad day for me when I realised that people aren’t just waiting around until they stumble on me, I actually have to be proactive! What do you mean, there isn’t a “hey, we want some photos, can you help?” board at the Job Centre?! Through starting my photography business and blogging, I’ve developed a whole new set of skills and for a while I’ve been convinced that there *had* to be some jobs out there that are a little different from the norm and that were what I was looking for. Having a platform where I can connect with people who are looking for people to work for them or to collaborate with or just to connect with and share knowledge is perfect for folks like me.

Believe it or not, I can be a bit of a clueless old granny when it comes to certain things. I thought I was down with the kids because I’m on Instagram and that… Snapchat?…I don’t understand?! so I really like that the Hiive website is cleanly laid out and easy to navigate and I love that you can use GIFs so you can have an animated profile photo. I love little touches like that! I feel like it’s the best bits of a few social media platforms all rolled into one and I like that it’s all inclusive. It doesn’t matter what stage of your career you’re in. If you’re looking for work you can browse through vacancies and you’ll be notified when jobs are added that match your criteria and there are some fantastic positions with some really amazing companies. The homepage is tailored to your industry and interests and Hiive suggest people that you might like to follow based on your profile. It’s not just individuals, they suggest companies that you might like to connect with or that might be of interest to you and swarms that cover topics of interest. Swarms are groups where you can connect with people in your industry, plan events or share information and content. Be warned – it’s easy to lose track of time on there. I went to see if there were any swarms in my area and ended up browsing different courses and wanting to do an MA!

Here’s a bit more info about Hiive and if you’re over there then I’d love to follow you. You can find me here.

Back in September, I joined in with something called Challenge 10. The idea was at the end of 10 months, 10 bloggers would run 10 miles. Numbers dwindled over the months but I wanted to try my best to see it through and now the time is up! Did I manage it?….erm, no…I did manage 10K and I debated going back over all my posts and editing them accordingly so I could claim I’d done it but decided to fess up! I’m not really a “natural runner”, I still struggle, I lost a few toenails (I know, so gross, sorry),  I hate the first 20 minutes of a run, I sweat like mad, I sometimes get so hot that I can hardly see (a constant topic of teasing for my friends) and I’m kind of slow but back in September I couldn’t even run the 300 meters to the end of the road so, progress. Yay. For now, 10K is a huge achievement for me (if you’d seen me at the start, you’d totally agree!) and I’m hoping that I can up my mileage over the summer and smash the challenge target. It’s really taken me by surprise how much I’ve ended up enjoying exercise. I’m the kind of girl who wished I could get fit sitting on your arse and watching telly ( seriously, I would be ALL OVER THAT). I never thought I would be signing myself up to run… for fun! But I did and, don’t tell anyone, but I’ve loved it. I understand now why people want to run marathons, it’s addictive stuff. Even when I have a run that I hate every second of, I always feel good for it after!

A few weeks ago, my friends and I ran a 5K obstacle course (in the rain, no less!) called the Colour Rush. They throw paint on you on the way around, what’s not to love about this? It was like the weirdest hen night that I’ve ever been on but really fun, we laughed a lot. I could not have imagined wanting to do anything like that 10 months ago and now I’m Googling to see what else we can do. Me, a runner. Who’d have thunk it?

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Obviously, we *had* to take photos of the occasion. I didn’t want to risk my beloved camera or my phone so these were taken with a disposable. I’m totally getting some more for the summer hols, I loved happy snapping away and the laughs when I collected the photos! Simon and some of our friends did the same run the next day and the kids joined in at the end. So cute! I hope that in a few years, we’ll be running the whole thing together.

colour rush-010colour rush-011