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The Ashridge Estate in Hertfordshire is one of my favourite places to visit and served as a photoshoot backdrop for a third time recently for a sunny family session with Dave and Hay. They are the sweetest family and clearly completely enamoured with their sweet baby girl. Just look at that cute little face, how could you not be? I was a *little* worried about how the dog would co-operate but he was an absolute star! Thanks Dave and Hay for a lovely morning.

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5 words that best describe your family?

Loving. Close. Quirky. Chocoholics. Short.

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How did you meet?

Hay and I met just over nine years ago when I was a fresh-faced twenty-year old living in London on my placement year from Aston University, whilst the missus was a slightly fresher-faced eighteen-year old in her first year at the same Uni. I’d returned to Brum for the weekend to see some mates and have a night out at a grimey rock club, unaware that my life would change forever. I’d like to say that our eyes met across a room and we were instantly drawn together, but the reality is slightly different. I decided to jump into a photo that was being taken, unaware that it was my future wife behind the camera. She had a bit of a go at me for ruining the photo and we went our separate ways. Later that evening, we spotted each other again and got talking. We can’t really remember much of the conversation, the only thing that stuck with us was that we got on well and that she said I looked like Mr Tumnus. The rest, as they say, is history.

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What’s your perfect weekend?

Something that involves being with each other and spending quality time together, but being away from the annoying people in the world. The perfect combination would involve elements of doing stuff whilst also doing nothing at all. It’d probably involve a much needed lie-in, a tasty brunch, then heading somewhere like the zoo (without the dog) or to the woods (with the dog). Once the sprog has gone to bed after a meal involving pulled pork and chocolate, we’d laze in front of the TV watching box sets (House of Cards, Dexter, Mad Men etc) with more chocolate, before the missus lets me go on the PS3 for half an hour before bed. What happens after that, well, I’m sure you can use your imagination…

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If you’re after some family photos this summer then I’d absolutely love to hear from you! And if you want to read more about this gorgeous family, take a look at Dave’s blog.