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You may know that we are rather fond of cake in our house and if we can eat cake AND support a charity at the same time, then I am all over that! Annabel from Tickle Fingers has organised a  Toddler Bake for Heroes event for Help for Heroes. You can either go along to one of the baking events hosted by Annabel or you can donate a minimum of £2 and bake at home with your little one. Donate on the JustGiving page and email to order the recipe online. If you’re taking part, make sure you share over on Facebook or Twitter and use the tag #BakeForHeroes.

We made the recipe together this afternoon and apart from the part involving the oven, I did very little! The recipe is simple enough that Sunshine was able to do the majority of it herself and it’s egg free so if you’re freaked out by your little one scoffing cake mix, you don’t need to worry! The mix was thicker than the usual cake batter we make so I wasn’t sure how they’d turn out but they’re really light and fluffy and taste really good! Well worth the 50p each my inlaws were made to cough up. I didn’t have any vegetable oil so I used coconut oil, I’ve been smearing it all over my face in a bid to look 25 but it’s the first time I’ve cooked with it and it didn’t have an overpowering taste at all and it made me feel like the cake was a *bit* healthier…

bake for heroes-001bake for heroes-002bake for heroes-008bake for heroes-003bake for heroes-009bake for heroes-005bake for heroes-006bake for heroes-007


For the last few weeks, every spare moment has been spent working on my photography site. What’s that? Where can you find it? Well it’s, thanks for asking.

screenshot-001I’m really pleased with how it’s looking but there are still a couple of tweaks to be made and some recent sessions that I’d like to add to the galleries and after a visit to the photography show, there are a few new products that I’m eager to add. Now that Sunshine’s getting older and is settled into a routine at preschool, I’m ready to put myself out there more and I’m really excited to have a few things lined up over the summer. If you’re in the Hertfordshire, Bucks, Beds or Milton Keynes area and you’re looking for affordable photography, I’m your gal! I have recently been working with a couple of companies on images for various projects and it’s something that I really love doing. I never really saw myself doing that kind of thing, families and weddings are my first love, but it’s a lot of fun and I’ve got to meet some great people. A friend sent me a link to something she was considering buying from the Mamas & Papas website and I had taken the photos! I was so so excited!

Here’s a couple of favourites from the last few weeks.





And because it makes me laugh….here’s a snap from behind the scenes! Gotta get that light just right!