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It’s been another fab week over on Instagram for #happynovember project. Emily and I have so enjoyed seeing everyone’s photos. It’s so lovely seeing people’s happy moments and I can’t believe there’s only a week left! Time to dial up the happy. A few favourites!


happy november-005

You can see more over on Emily’s blog and please come and join us over on Instagram – tag your photos #happynovemberproject to share (we are @emilybealephoto and @shutterflies_uk over there).


For us this week has been all about a little curly haired poppet’s 3rd birthday (even more photos to come!) and my niece came for what I’m sure will be the first of many sleepovers (and I loved having three kids. I know, I know….maybe we need just one more….)

happy november-001happy november-004



Have a fab weekend




FrugiFamilyWith a birthday next week and Christmas just around the corner, it was perfect timing for this party frock to arrive from my lovely friend Lauren as part of the Frugi Family Gift of Giving project. Lauren is part of the Frugi family of bloggers and I think she quite liked dress shopping (she has two gorgeous sons!). Frugi make beautiful organic clothes for mums and kids and I really love their collection, I love children’s clothes to be happy and colourful and for my daughter to dress like a little girl. She’ll be a teenager soon enough! The folks at Frugi are pretty happy and colourful themselves – how fun is the story of how Frugi came to be? (take a look HERE). Also, kicking myself that I used cloth nappies for both kids and hadn’t heard of these guys until now!

Frugi have a gorgeous range of Christmas Clobber which even includes nappies in a festive print (if I still had a little baby…). I think Lauren made a great choice, I love the colour of this dress for her and that it’s something she can wear all year or you can dress it up to be more festive (these tights are perfect!). If I had two girls, I’d absolutely get one in red too.


Hey! Can I take some photos of you in your dress?

This dress?

This dress?

Frugi -004

Here it is…my dress…

Frugi -006

Haha! I’m totes hilar.

Frugi -003

OK, I’m ready now!

Frugi Clothing-001Frugi Clothing-002Frugi Clothing-003

Frugi -003

Thank you to Lauren and Frugi for Sunshine’s sweet party frock



Three years ago, we were no so patiently waiting for a certain little lady to arrive (she eventually made her debut 13 days late on the 20th. I was a complete mentalist by then). I couldn’t quite imagine then what they would be like together, I know I worried that they wouldn’t be very close because of the gap between them (4 years) and at first I was right, he pretty much ignored her for the first few months of her life! It’s funny how much babies love other kids, she has always adored him and would happily sit in her bumbo watching him. She really misses him when he’s at school, she spends the afternoon asking me “When Bevan gets home can we…..?” and asking if it’s nearly time to go and get him. He plays the part of the exasperated big brother but I know that he loves it really. Whenever she won’t hug him goodbye or hold his hand, he is really put out!

They both love to bake. As the firstborn, he gets the very important job of egg smashing, a responsibility he takes very seriously! (She looks like she’s ready to give him a smack with the spoon!)

november sibs-001november sibs-002november sibs-003november sibs-004november sibs-005november sibs-006

This month I’m sending you over to a fellow Living Arrows Mum and superstar blogger, Katie. She takes the loveliest photos of her little girls. Go and see what they got up to this month!