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So this week was National Eye Health Week which is something that I really should have known more about as I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 7 and have had a bazillion eye tests in that time. I will confess that I have been overdue a check up for a while now so when the folks from Boots Opticians got in touch, I was like “Yes! Eye check me up, please!”. It also meant I got to spend the week taking part in a little photo challenge and saying things to my husband like “As a contact lens wearer and as a photographer, the health of my eyes is so important!” which he just tutted at, obviously. Not gonna lie, one thing that put me off going for an eye test was that the majority of the time, I have my little BFF in tow and the thought of taking her along….I bit the bullet and took her with me for my Eye Health Check and it actually ended up being the highlight of her week (second child, doesn’t get out much). She was absolutely fascinated watching me and laughed her head off when I was having an eye pressure check where they blow air to test the pressure in your eyes. Apparently it’s something they test once you hit 30 as it’s a way of testing for things like glaucoma and as I’m now in the over 30 bracket (yay!), I got to have it. It’s a very odd sensation and it was literally impossible to not jump out of my skin each time the air went off. Good thing the headrest is padded! They took photos of my eyes too with a fancy digital retina camera which is something I’d never had done before – Boots are the only high street optician to offer this service at no extra cost as part of an eye health check and it was actually fascinating. They showed me the photos after and I didn’t realise that they can detect so much from these pictures. I got to see the blood vessels in my eye (little bit gross) and got a clean bill of health but if I had diabetes, retina problems or high blood pressure, they’d have been able to tell just from that quick little test. The rest of the eye check was pretty standard letters on the board stuff and Sunshine was given a colouring book and stickers for that bit which she was thrilled about. That girl bloody loves a sticker and some crayons.

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I’ve been taking photos this week of the same things every day as part of the Boots photo challenge. I see old photos of the kids and I can’t believe how much they have changed because of course, I see them every day and those little changes are hardly noticeable day to day, much like changes to your eyes (do you love that link there? Admit it, you do!). I took quite a lot of photos of our recently reseeded lawn so I could blow your minds with the no grass – grass reveal but it hasn’t grown yet so, erm, that’s not going to happen. I will happily email all the photos I have of a garden of mud though if anyone is interested in seeing them.

eye health week-004
eye health week-005eye health week-006
eye health week-002eye health week-003eye health week-007


If you would like to book an eye health check, you can speak to a Boots Optician or make an appointment by calling 0345 125 3752 or visiting

Last week I got to spend a bit of time one-on-one with my firstborn. I honestly can’t remember the last time he and I did something fun together just the two of us so I was really excited to have a few hours with him. We got on the train and within 9 seconds all the snacks had been consumed and he cheerfully told me “It’s OK, we’ll find a Starbucks when we get there!”. That’s my boy! He also proved once again that he’s already cleverer than me when he pointed out Wembley Stadium and I said in front of a packed carriage that it wasn’t and then had to quickly backtrack…

I did know what this place was though.


I just love that you can rent a deckchair in the park!

We were invited along to an event for Skylanders. There’s a new game coming out next month and as an authority on all things Skylander, obviously we went along and I embarrassed myself yet again by pretending I knew anything about it. I’m seriously such a mum, they all look the same to me (saying this usually leads to eyerolling because OF COURSE they are all different!) He absolutely loved spending a few hours playing, watching and talking all things Skylanders and he had his face painted by the most talented face painter EVER. Puts my attempts at the school fete to shame!


Is it a crocodile? Is it a dragon? I have no freaking idea and don’t even ask me what it’s called. He was chattering away to some other kids and it was like he was speaking a foreign language!


I kept forgetting he’d had his face painted and wondered why people on the tube were looking at my kid! I think he’d have happily left it on and never washed again if we’d let him!

Yesterday I experienced one of those heart melting moments. Sister had her first visit to preschool which shares a fence with the “big school” playground. She was out playing in the garden when she spotted her brother and stood peering over the fence calling him. His face lit up when he saw her and he ran over to her, shouting to his friends “Look! It’s my little sister!” and they hugged through the fence. It was adorable! She didn’t realise that I wouldn’t be going to preschool too…I thought I’d covered everything but it seems I’d neglected to mention that bit… When we were talking about it later on, he told her not to worry, “Mummy can’t come to preschool because she’s grown up but it’s okay because I will look after you”.

september siblings-005

september siblings-003september siblings-004

Totes over this photo lark

september siblings-001

This month I’m sending you over to Carie’s blog. I love her writing and her beautiful photos. This month her girls have a new baby brother to show off. Congratulations to them!

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