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Once upon a time, there was a little dog called Saffy. She always smelt a bit and small children used to think she was a lamb. She loved sleeping and drinking your tea if you put it somewhere she could reach it. She would wee everywhere and it drove me crazy but now she’s gone and honestly? I kind of miss not stepping in wee each morning.

I debated writing this post for a full week because I didn’t want to be melodramatic but this has been harder than I thought it would be and it’s been a funny old week for us all. We’d had Saffy for 12 years, she’d lived in 4 houses with us and it’s so strange coming home and not being greeted with a yap and a sniff that I always translated as “Oh, it’s you. I was hoping it was the other one, he’s my fave”. She got ill at Easter and despite everyone’s best efforts, she just wasn’t getting better. I took her to the vets last week and I thought we were perhaps getting to the point where we might have to have that conversation but Saffy passed away later on that evening. We were both so upset that she hadn’t been at home with us but if she had been, I know we would have felt so guilty for not doing more to help her.

Everyone has been so kind to us. The staff at the vets were just fantastic, if you are local to Woburn Sands, we can’t recommend Greensands enough. They took such good care of our little dog and we’re really grateful to them for that.

I’ve been looking back through the last 12 years of photographs and I’m so happy to have all these memories of her. It’s made me realise just how precious our family photos are to me.


I love capturing new chapters in a family’s story, especially when the chapter is as cute as this one! I really love photographing families at home, I think the photos are more special because of it. I spent a sunny afternoon with a couple of rolls of film, this lovely family and their adorable new arrival ♥

newborn photographer-007newborn photographer-006newborn photographer-005newborn photographer-002newborn photographer-004newborn photographer-008

If you’d like me to photograph your family this summer then let’s make that happen! Just email me and we can work out a bespoke package for your family.