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I was lucky enough to work with The Little Green Sheep when they sponsored me to go to Blogtacular last month. I was delighted to photograph some of their new products for them and it really has been a wonderful experience working with them. What I really love about them (apart from the fact they were really nice and gave me cake) is that they wanted to use real families for their photos. They didn’t want to look through an agency book, choosing which baby was the prettiest (um, they all are!), they wanted to photograph real babies and their mums at home. And I really love them for that.

Here’s a few of my favourites of these darling twins using the Organic Cocoon Towel. I’m so excited to see the photos over on The Little Green Sheep website. Such a thrill for me!

little green sheep-001little green sheep-002little green sheep-003little green sheep-004little green sheep-005little green sheep-006little green sheep-008

Thank you to Bump PR for introducing us and of course, to The Little Green Sheep. I love helping people tell their stories and share their passions. If you’d like to work with me, please get in touch. I’d love to meet you!

I love seeing weekly round up posts and this linky from Morgana is my favourite. I’ve been meaning to join in for weeks and haven’t managed it so today’s the day! Hooray!!


A friend on Facebook (please forgive me, can’t remember who) linked to this blog poston Balanced & Barefoot about why children actually NEED to fidget. So *that* is why they can’t sit still during dinner.


We recently got Netflix, or rather I recently asked my 6 year old to show me how to use Netflix. We have started watching Orange is the New Black (5 episodes in, shhh, don’t tell me what happens). I LOVE IT. It’s a bit like Prisoner Cell Block H only, y’know, good. We’re totally hooked and can’t wait to get the kids in bed so we can watch it!


The lovely people at Joules very kindly sent me a floral dress from (I went for the ditzy print, natch!) which I wore at BritMums Live and lots of other times! I’m in between sizes so I went for the larger size because I didn’t want to have to send it back because it didn’t fit but the sizing is quite generous so I think I could have got away with the smaller size. Given the style of the tunic though, I think it’s fine if it is a little baggier. It’s one of those things you can grab straight off the line and wear without ironing which is perfect if you’re a lazy cow busy mum. I was so grateful to be sent something for myself, usually the kids are the lucky ones so thanks, Joules. It’s most appreciated!



Because of the Orange is the New Black love, I have been listening to Regina Spektor (she sings the theme to the show). I love “Us”. I think her voice is amazing.


I am loving unplugging and just enjoyingmy family this week. After BritMums, I came away feeling a bit….weird…I was so excited and inspired after going to Blogtacular last month but I just felt flat this time. I took a few days off, thought about what I wanted to do, wrote a few lists and I’m glad I did. When you’re sharing your life online, I think it’s so important to not get too wrapped up in it all. It’s really easy to get sucked in and it’s nice saying “You know what? It can wait. It’s not important right now. Let’s go to the park.”


Last week was all about green and when we started purple week I started seeing green EVERYWHERE! Isn’t that always the way? The next colour is YELLOW so I’m sure that I will start seeing purple everywhere now!

capturing colour purple-001capturing colour purple-003capturing colour purple-005capturing colour purple-002capturing colour purple-004

Also Capturing Colour is Chloe, Clare, Kirsty, Lauren & Lucy and you can see more on Instagram, #capturingcolour (I’m @shutterflies_uk over there if you want to see what I’m having for tea and stuff)

Happy colour hunting!