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I’m linking up with My Two Mums and sharing some happy thoughts because it’s a nice thing to do. Always good to count your blessings.

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Believe it or not, but I am actually enjoying the rainiest half term ever. The one day we had of good weather was spent working out in the garden. It was a pretty big job, it was like “The Day of the Triffids” out there so took up most of our Sunday but we felt really chuffed with ourselves after. Lots of gags from the husband about trimming bushes, of course.happy blog-002happy blog-003“Oh, Dad! You’ve got ice cream all down yourself!” Yes, they are sitting on our old sofas in the garden…we’ll get them to the tip eventually…kind of nice having them out there though!

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I decided this morning that we just HAD to get out of the house after spending the last couple of days at home and only venturing as far as Aldi, so we went to meet some friends for a play in the woods. It was absolutely pouring down and all the kids were muddy and soaked but I loved it. They enjoyed themselves so much and we shared stories and literally howled with laughter. Such a great way to spend a morning and although the weather was really awful, it could have been worse. We could have been camping.

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 presethappy blog-006

Other things that are making me happy (in no particular order)

*Late night What’s App conversations. I know some bloody funny people.

*Feeling stronger and fitter each time I run.

*My beloved winning a Radio Academy Award. It’s a pretty big deal and he’d never brag about it but I will! I’m so proud of him and so happy for him and his team. Seeing how proud our boy was of his daddy made me melt.

*Summer planning! BBQs, sleepovers, weddings, meeting my brother’s new girlfriend (note to self, try not to act too weird), road trips, day trips, birthdays, family reunions. I cannot wait!

On Friday they announced the finalists for the BiB (Brilliance in Blogging) Awards. I am over the moon to be one of 6 finalist in the photo category and even more delighted, like so much I could burst, that I Heart Snapping is a finalist too! I jumped around the playroom like a loon when I read, the 2 year old was uninterested and completely unimpressed. I’m really happy to see that almost everyone I was rooting for is on that list too. Thanks a million to everyone who voted, hip hip hooray!

My Living Arrows photo for this week. This kid is the perfect amount of crazy.

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My Two Mums Sharing Happiness

It just took me almost an hour to remember the login for my own blog. As it’s been a few days, my blog was obviously annoyed about being pushed further and further down the list and so logged me out (oh ya, blog’s have people like feelings….apparently). I decided that as ALL my passwords were the same, I should be more security conscious and change some of them but not write them down because, y’know, security conscious and all that. Well done, Hayley. Genius move there.

We have been thoroughly enjoying the sunshine the last few days and I’m happy to report that the biggest kid is back on form following a nasty bout of tonsillitis. I always know they’re really not well when they want me more than their dad. After being holed up at home for a few days, we really had the most lovely weekend hanging out at the lake with our friends (we actually left the house, OMG!!). I was taking photos both days which I LOVED. Both families had the most adorable little ones and I can’t wait to share the photos. I hardly took any photos for myself last week, given the ill child and the close proximity to water and that, which is really unusual for me but I’m sure the smalls aren’t complaining!

When did this girl get so big?

Honor-001Honor-002I just love a baby top knot


She amazes me lately, she counts forwards and backwards, her speech is getting better and better and it seems like she learns new words every day. She hasn’t quite grasped the whole potty training thing though and even the promise of chocolate in return for weeing isn’t cutting it. I walked into the kitchen to find a potty RIGHT NEXT to a peed on chair (What? You don’t keep a potty in your kitchen?). Fun times.


In front of my lens lately

milton keynes photographer-008milton keynes photographer-006
milton keynes photographer-001milton keynes photographer-002milton keynes photographer-003milton keynes photographer-004milton keynes photographer-005milton keynes photographer-007

Beautiful blue sky in London | “bubblies!” | happy babies at a family session in the bluebell woods | my sweet boy | newborn photos with baby Phoebe | in the garden | a photo walk with the folks at Blogtacular

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