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colour me fun-001colour me fun-002I’m excited to feature some products from one of my friends, Dannie from Colour Me Fun, on the blog today. Dannie is a mum of 3, master crocheter and bespoke crayon maker. Really, it’s a thing. All the cool kids are loving bespoke crayons these days and Dannie’s creations (and her husband, we’ll give him a little of the credit, too) have featured in various magazines and been seen in oodles of gift guides. I got to snap some of her latest crayons, which included some of her best selling name crayons. My son always looks at the personalised gifts in shops but given that he has an unusual name, never finds it so is THRILLED to have his name in crayons. And sister is happy to have anything her brother’s got and being able to draw with it is a bonus!

colour me fun-004colour me fun-003colour me fun-005colour me fun-006

I’ll share a few more photos with you soon but in the meantime, we have a Colour Me Fun bunny crayon and Easter finger puppet set to give away. Perfect for a non-chocolate gift for an Easter basket. To take part, simply enter your details below. The giveaway will close on Monday. Good luck!


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We spent Mothering Sunday with the kids in London, strolling along the Thames, visiting the Tate Modern and then enjoying a spot of lunch in Covent Garden before catching the train home. Perfect right? Now before you give the husband major brownie points for his Mother’s Day efforts, here’s how it actually came about….


He had tickets for a screening of Rio 2 and when I pointed out that it was Mother’s Day (I’m owed a lie in and I’m getting it!), he said I could come too. Nice of him, eh? Believe it or not, a trip to the cinema with a 2 year old who can’t sit still for more than seven seconds or speak quietly isn’t the most fun thing. I didn’t think anyone would thank us for 102 minutes of “Wazzat? Mummy. Mummy. Mummy. Mummmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyy. Mum. Mummmy. Wazzat?” so after a sleepy train journey at 8 o’clock-but-really-it-was-only-7,  we left the boys to it and went down to the river. I know she’s a little young to appreciate the landmarks but she did like the “bong clock” (Big Ben) and all the pigeons which she liked pointing at at loudly proclaiming “TIS SO DIRTY, MUMMY!” After a leisurely stroll down from Waterloo  to the Millenium Bridge, we went to look around the Tate. I’m proper cultured you know, I’ve been to the theatre and everything and we had a nice wonder around which made me feel terribly artistic “Yes folks, here I am, introducing the toddler to art. I know, right? So bohemian. I called my kid a word. I’m so hip!”. Then it was off to meet the rest of the gang for lunch and  home for a nap. Sweet.