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siblings March-003Has it really been a month already? The last few weeks have flown! I’m so glad to have some warmer weather (even though I was really hoping we’d get some snow!) and the past couple of weeks has been lovely because they’ve been able to play outside more. (Playing outside mainly involves emptying ALL of the outdoor toys out of the shed, leaving them all over the garden and finding and stepping in the one bit of poo I missed on dog poo patrol).

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This month I’m sending you over to one of my favourite people, Kelle. Kelle blogs at Maggie Stone and is one of the contributors at I Heart Snapping. Her blog is full of lovely photos of her uber stylish kiddies and is one of my favourite blogs to read. Go say hi!

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We got new sofas recently and the fact that I’m hysterical about the kids being near them (they already have been scrubbed of sick, nosebleed, blackberry crumble, snot…) and the sheer amount of crap the kids have accumulated in their few years, lead to deciding to turn our office/dumping ground into a space for the kids. Yeah, that was all one sentence. Thanks to the tax man, we’re on a tight budget at the moment but my mum watches 60 minute makeover and promised we could do it on the cheap and with minimal effort…we’re 4 days in, we’re exhausted, the rest of the house is a wreck, we’re fed up of painting but it’s looking GREAT! I can’t wait to share in a few days. We’re just waiting on a few essentials first, like bunting.


Can I just say a huge thanks to anyone who has taken the time to nominate me in the MAD Blog Awards. I was lucky enough to be a finalist in the photography category last year and was so happy to be nominated in photography again and “most entertaining”. I love writing this blog and it means a lot to me that people recognise that. (PS, you can nominate HERE if you’d like to.)



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