Monthly Archives: November 2013

It’s a little hectic around here lately, not that I’m complaining! I feel beyond lucky that I get to take photos for my job, it’s seriously just amazing to me. I wanted to share a few photos from a photoshoot for Fine Fleeces of their gorgeous Winganna Lambskin and the cutest little model you ever did see! Girl’s a natural!

Winganna Fleece-001Winganna Fleece-002Winganna Fleece-003Winganna Fleece-004Winganna Fleece-006Winganna Fleece-007Winganna Fleece-010

I love when she chooses what to wear herself. She’s like an eccentric old lady in a toddler’s body. Funny girl.


A weekend of birthday celebrations – for my gorgeous girl and for my boys’ favourite TV show.

Doctor Who 50th-001Doctor Who 50th-002(Photos taken on DSLR and iPhone)

Second Birthday-001Second Birthday-002Second Birthday-003Second Birthday-004Second Birthday-005

Enjoying all the Dr Who things at the Excel show. Both my boys love Doctor Who (I think the grown up one a little bit more than the little one!) and they loved seeing everything from the show. There were people walking around dressed as various baddies and even though you *know* it’s a guy in a costume, it’s still pretty scary when they’re coming towards you! | I have a dolly loving little girl who has spent the last few weeks saying “Mummy! Mine! Mine baby!” every time she sees an advert on telly for a dolly. I was so excited for her to open up her gift from Nanny & Grandad, especially as the bike turned out to be a total flop. She was so delighted! | Celebrating her second birthday with oodles of bunting and “tea for two” – see what I did there? Lots of tea, cake and catching up with friends and family. A lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


(Sunshine’s gorgeous party frock was from our friends at Their Nibs. You can see our little photoshoot HERE )


Have a fantastic week folks. I will be hard at work on a secret project….all will be revealed on Sunday!