Monthly Archives: October 2013

I love Autumn, it’s my favourite. Apart from the getting dark early thing (rubbish), I’m happy when it cools down so we can dig out the knitwear and enjoy hot chocolates and cosy evenings in! The woods are my favourite place this time of year – all the colours. It’s going to be beautiful up there in a few weeks.

kids in wood-003kids in wood-004kids in wood-005kids in wood-006kids in wood-007kids in wood-008This strong willed little lady is so grumpy lately. Really makes me laugh!kids in wood-009kids in wood-010

Sunshine’s jacket was made with love by Grandma. Isn’t she good?

A bit late as we’re halfway through week 7 but I had a delay with the film. Maybe this is why most of the world’s gone digital?

The Karate Kid got his blue belt this week AND scored full marks in his spelling test. It’s funny how ridiculously proud I am and how stressful it was watching his exam. If he gets a degree one day, I’m going to be unbearable!

It’s been a crazy week, folks. The insomniac toddler is ruling the roost and things have been a bit hectic around here, especially once a bout of illness hit. She’s back to normal now, got to love how kids can go from being desperately ill to completely fine within half an hour. Along with the usual mum and photo stuff, I decided at the last minute that a table at a local fete would be the best idea EVER to spread the word locally about my business and promote my winter offer (what? you’d love to know more? Take a look) so spent a couple of days running around like a crazy thang to get everything looking great. About 15 people turned up and most of them desperately avoided locking eyes incase I tried to sell them anything. A little disappointing but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I’ve been taking more photos with film lately(yeah, I’m banging on about that again), partly because I love it and because I’m updating my equipment so needed to sell what I currently have in order to pay for it. There’s going to be a few days of cameralessness (that’s not a word?) while I wait for the new one to arrive so I plan on really going to town with the film camera, especially now I’ve found somewhere local to develop my film.

A few recent favourites. I especially love the 70s vibe some of them have.

Our dear friends got married recently and I was thrilled to capture the day for them. This gorgeous bride is a fellow blogger and sleep deprived mummy, go and say hello – Up All Hours.

All photos taken with Lomography 400 colour negative. My new favourite film.