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their nibs-020

The children were sent some gorgeous clothes recently from Their Nibs‘ Autumn/Winter collection. I’ve bought Little Dude clothes from them before, so I was thrilled that they’d asked my little darlings to roadtest some bits for them. Their catalogue is like a fashion magazine for the under 10 crowd and the clothes have a lovely vintage vibe to them. They sent the most perfect things for the two of them and they really fit with how I love to dress them. Sunshine already has a pretty wonderful wardrobe and I’m insanely jealous that they don’t make this dress in my size, it’s just beautiful! His dudeness was given a really cosy hoodie in a retro skateboard fabric which he thought was very cool! It’s lined so it’s thick enough for him to wear in place of a coat (apart from when he fell over paddling into the sea. FYI, it washes well – You know you’re a mum when you start saying things like that).

their nibs-001their nibs-002their nibs-003their nibs-004their nibs-006their nibs-007their nibs-008their nibs-009their nibs-011their nibs-012their nibs-013their nibs-014

The children were given the clothes for the purposes of this review. Thanks very much, Their Nibs! We love them.

Back after a little blogging break!


Our (freezing!) beach trip and new haircut. Canon EOS 3 & Fuji Neopan 400CN. Hoodie c/o Their Nibs.


Boy meets chocolate fountain. Why waste time with the fruit when you can dip your hands right in?

Pretty exciting news – someone’s got their first wobbly tooth. He’s the last of his friends to lose any so he’s really excited about a visit from the tooth fairy. What’s the going rate these days?bevan-008

Canon EOS 3 with Agfa Vista 200. Incase you were wondering.